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LOWAT® – A Non Stimulant Weight Loss Product

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, perhaps because the holidays are a time of indulgence for many. Any weight loss program must cover the basics, but you can also provide clients and customers with additional help. Here are some suggestions from InterHealth Nutraceuticals; we provide high quality, scientifically tested products to help with weight management and health. Lower Carb Intake For many people, one of the best ways to actually lose weight is to cut back on carbs. Sugar and refined carbohydrates provide little in the way of nutrition and can cause the blood sugar to spike. All low-carb plans operate on the premise that carbs should be limited, especially in the early stages of the diet, and that those carbs in the diet should come primarily from fresh fruits and vegetables. A low-carb diet is not necessarily the only way to lose weight, and other strategies may be helpful to maintain weight loss, but it is often an excellent choice for initial weight loss. Get Moving Exercise is a critical component of any weight loss or weight maintenance program. Perhaps most important, regular exercise promotes heart health and endurance. It also helps people […] Read More