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We are located in Benicia, CA, near San Francisco and are committed to excellence. We pride ourselves on supporting the health of others by offering quality, safe and effective ingredients.

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A Healthy Standard

InterHealth researches, develops, manufactures, markets and distributes proprietary nutritional ingredients, which are sold worldwide to manufacturers of dietary supplements and functional foods, beverages and cosmetic products. The company’s success is earmarked by its unique, high quality ingredients, thorough research program, outstanding customer service and powerful co-branding marketing strategy.

A Healthy Business Approach

Unique Ingredients: We start by exploring the world to find the most unique, innovative ingredients that have the promise of being incorporated in dietary supplements or functional foods and beverages to provide value added health-supporting benefits for consumers.

Patented Products:  All of our proprietary ingredients are the subject of one or more patents or patents pending under US and/or international filings. The more than 50 patents and patents pending protect the company’s long term investments into product research and market development.

Scientific Research: The next critical step is to prove the promise through solid scientific research. First and foremost is to test and validate the safety of the product through multiple studies. With our ingredients, you know you are getting safe ingredients. Knowing that the product is safe, additional research studies are conducted to demonstrate the efficacy of the product. These studies, which are conducted at leading universities and published in peer reviewed journals, are the basis of structure/function claims that manufacturers can use to promote their products

Manufacturing: Our ingredients are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and are subjected to rigorous quality control testing to ensure optimum purity.

Marketing and Sales: We work with the leading manufacturer’s in each industry segment to develop quality products that provide the health-supporting benefits that consumers are looking for. By creating unique trade names and logos for display on our customers’ product labels and advertising materials, we help consumers identify products that contain our ingredients and assist customers in adding value and differentiating their products in the marketplace.

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