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InterHealth is focused on developing functional nutritional ingredients in four key health areas: cardiovascular health, diabetes, weight management, and joint health.

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A Healthy Alternative

For 20 years, InterHealth has been an innovator of branded value added patented ingredients that are clinically proven for their benefits. We are focused on providing products with proven benefits for cardiovascular health as well as blood sugar control, joint health and weight management. These areas address the major health needs of consumers today and will become more important with the aging baby boomers. Our key products: Zychrome™, LOWAT™, Super CitriMax® and UC-II® meet these needs and can be found in many products.

We are working hard to be a trusted resource for manufacturers and retailers. The cornerstone of all our marketing efforts has always been education with an emphasis on the science behind our products. InterHealth works with manufacturers in promoting the science as the key to differentiating safe and effective products.  We support our partners by ensuring that they have complete and up-to-date information about the extensive research behind each of our proprietary ingredients. In the long term, we believe this approach will produce more educated consumers, which will benefit reputable manufacturers and the credibility of the entire nutraceutical industry

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