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Our ingredients are used in the finest products in many different product forms. You will find our ingredients in dietary supplements, functional beverages, snacks, and foods for both human and animal consumption.

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InterHealth Industries

Bringing you the highest quality dietary ingredients, InterHealth uses only the best materials and forges partnerships within the global dietary supplement and food and beverage industries. Because we are always thinking about universal wellbeing, our international perspective allows us to spot new trends in the needs of consumers. Knowing what is currently on the minds of customers enables us to figure out the best product for addressing their needs as well as anticipating what people may be looking for next as they continue to improve their health and wellness.

Expanding wellness

Including InterHealth's ingredients in your products gives your brand an edge over the competition. By adding branded, easy-to-identify ingredients to your health products, your supplements are given extra recognition by consumers who are looking for functional foods and dietary supplements that can give them specific brands.

Ingredients backed by scientific research

InterHealth specializes in producing nutritional ingredients for over 600 dietary supplements and functional foods distributed in more than 50 countries. We are dedicated to researching, developing and creating quality ingredients that are sold to dietary supplement and functional food manufacturers.

Naturally improving wellness through partnerships

When you decide to add our ingredients to your health products, we look at you as a partner in consumer health and will work with you to deliver quality products. We are constantly searching for new ways to deliver products to people who are looking to naturally improve their physical wellness as well as anticipating their future needs.

Learn how your dietary supplements, functional food and beverages or pet-health products can benefit from adding one of our quality dietary ingredients!


Dietary Supplements

Over half of all adults in the U.S. regularly use dietary supplements to support their overall health and wellbeing. As the leading provider of nutritional ingredients for health products, InterHealth is dedicated to using science and research from the beginning to ensure consumers are receiving the benefits they seek.


Food & Beverage

While continued demand from health-conscious consumers means increased sales of functional food and beverages, to ensure that your product becomes the functional food or beverage of choice, it is imperative that your product stands out from the competition. Inclusion of innovative science-backed ingredients that have insignificant or no impact on the overall taste profile of the finished product can help ensure the success of your product. The functional foods market in the United States is expected to grow 21% by 2015, reaching a value of more than $8 billion in the U.S. alone.

Like all of InterHealth's nutritional ingredients, our GRAS ingredients that have been designed to be added to foods and beverages, are scientifically researched and tested to ensure their safety and efficacy.


Animal Health

Consumers purchasing dietary supplements for themselves are also likely to consider doing the same for their family pets. As people become more aware of their health, they are also conscious that their animals face many of the same problems - especially when it comes to joint comfort. Just as the health needs of humans increase as they age, so do the needs of animals. The animal supplement industry already claims $1.6 billion dollars in sales and is expected to grow 7.4% by 2015. Already, 21% of dogs and 15% of cats are being given supplements to support either their overall well being or specific health issues.


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