Animal Health

The increased awareness of pet health and desire by consumers to provide all-natural nutritional support is driving continued growth of the companion animal health category.

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Animal Health

Consumers purchasing dietary supplements for themselves are also likely to consider doing the same for their family pets. As people become more aware of their health, they are also conscious that their animals face many of the same problems - especially when it comes to joint comfort. Just as the health needs of humans increase as they age, so do the needs of animals. The animal supplement industry already claims $1.6 billion dollars in sales and is expected to grow 7.4% by 2015. Already, 21% of dogs and 15% of cats are being given supplements to support either their overall well being or specific health issues.

Functional foods for canine health

While pet health supplements have been available for years in traditional tablet or capsule forms, functional foods and soft chews are quickly becoming the preferred method of delivery for canine health supplements. Soft chews have become especially popular, as they can easily be used as a treat rather than a pill. Adding dietary ingredients into pet foods, gravy toppings, powders or pastes allows consumers to turn their pet's health care into a bonding experience because the supplement has now become a special treat. As the divide between supplements and foods begins to close, dietary products will increasingly become an important part of pets' health regimens along with their owners' own well being.

UC-II® for pet animal health

One of the most popular forms of dietary supplements consumers buy for their pets as well as horses are those that support joint health. Adding UC-II® to your canine or equine health supplements gives consumers assurance that your product will follow through on its claims because of InterHealth's patented ingredient process and published research in dogs and horses.

Learn more about UC-II® and how it can help support pet joint health!

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