Dietary Supplements

Our unique, safe and effective ingredients meet consumers’ increased demand for all-natural dietary supplements supported by credible, third-party research.

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Dietary Supplements

Over half of all adults in the U.S. regularly use dietary supplements to support their overall health and well being. As the leading provider of nutritional ingredients for health products, InterHealth is dedicated to using science and research from the beginning to ensure consumers are receiving the benefits they seek.

How do dietary supplements help?

Consumers benefit from using dietary supplements to help them reach their health goals. Whether they are looking for chromium supplements to control their blood sugar levels or joint ingredients to improve their mobility and comfort, supplements can help maintain overall health and well being.

Scientifically formulated

At InterHealth, all of our nutritional ingredients are backed by science from their inception. We don't wait to test their validity after manufacturing - we begin the research process from the start. With so many consumers looking to improve their health, it is important that our ingredients are guaranteed to support the claims that come with them.

Our global perspective allows us to explore the world for unique and innovative ingredients that can be beneficial in dietary supplements. Our ingredients are patent-protected or patent-pending so that you know you are getting the real product and not an imitation of our quality ingredients. Adding our ingredient logos to your product labels gives consumers added peace of mind that you are providing them with superior supplements and ensures you an edge over your competitors.

Dietary supplements especially help joints

Whether they're athletes or are on their feet all day at work, your customers need the highest quality joint ingredients to support their flexibility, mobility and comfort. As a result of our rigorous research and development, UC-II® has recently been shown in a study abstract published in the Journal of Alernative and Complementary Medicine to improve knee extension in healthy subjects for better flexibility, mobility and joint comfort.

Learn more about how you can bolster your joint health products by using UC-II® as a dietary ingredient!

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