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Protykin® is a natural, high-potency, 200:1 extract of Polygonum cuspidatum root containing 50% trans-resveratrol. This polyphenol is an antioxidant that has been studied for its longevity, and healthy aging benefits. Protykin®’s unique sourcing and extraction process ensure this ingredient’s quality and safety.



mg Per Day

For Antioxidant Properties


200:1 High-Potency Extract

From Polygonum Cuspidatum


Percent Trans Resveratrol

Desired Form of Resveratrol

Why Protykin®

Protykin® provides trans-resveratrol, the form of resveratrol studied in scientific studies for promoting longevity. Trans resveratrol has many benefits, but one of the most talked about benefit is its capabilites as a healthy aging ingredient. Preclinical research suggests that trans-resveratrol may stimulate the SIRT1 gene, which may be linked to longevity.

  • Multiple antioxidant and longevity benefits
  • Mimics calorie restriction, which is thought to extend lifespan
  • Shown to slow down the aging process in overfed mice
  • Naturally sourced from Japanese knotweed

Protykin® Mimics Calorie Restriction

Calorie Restriction is Well Studied to Support Healthy Aging

Caloric restriction slows several aspects of the aging process, including age-related health issues. The wide scope of these actions, and the possible health benefits have led to efforts to find a natural compound that mimics the effects of a calorie restricted diet.

Protykin® may help support healthy aging.

Just 8 mg a day of Protykin® delivers 4 mg of trans resveratrol and is for use in dietary supplements and food and beverage products.


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Interested in Protykin? We are happy to provide you spec sheets, MSDS sheets, manufacturing flow charts as well as a variety of marketing information and formulation suggestions. Protykin® offers trans resveratrol - the active form of this healthy-aging compound.