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Understanding How Plant Based Ingredients can Increase Your Sales

When selling dietary supplements, it is imperative to understand as a retailer of such products what does and does not sell well. Most importantly, it is pertinent to ensure all products you are selling have been backed by clinical studies. At InterHealth, we specialize in plant-based ingredients and have worked with many vendors who state their plant-based beverages help drive their sales. Let’s take a quick look at why plant based supplements for your beverage products can increase your sales revenue.

Not all supplements are the same

When consumers buy products, many of them are well aware of the difference between those made with synthetic ingredients and those made with plant based supplements. And while many synthetic supplements may sound appealing, consumers and scientists alike know plant-based (natural) supplements are healthier and help deliver the nutrients they are looking for. This alone is one of the main reasons beverage products made with plant-based supplements tend to sell better.

Natural absorption

Consumers want to consume beverage products that will provide maximum absorption, and they can achieve this goal with beverage products that have been manufactured using plant based ingredients and supplements. When plant-based beverages are consumed, the consumer is gaining the bonus benefit of drinking a beverage with enzymes in it, which plays a major role in helping the body to absorb to its fullest potential. Since absorption takes place at a cellular level, the enzymes in the beverages in combination with amino acids from the plant based supplements work together so that absorption takes place both naturally and efficiently.

You can better market your beverage products

When you sell beverage products that contain plant based supplements, this allows you to better market your products to a targeted group of consumers. This type of laser-targeting in marketing helps to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing agenda. For example, you can easily target vegetarians and vegans with your beverage products that include plant-based supplements.

Add Meratrim® to your beverage products

Meratrim® is derived from natural plant sources and includes a patented blend of Garcinia mangostana fruit extracts and the Sphaeranthus indicus flower. You can easily add Meratrim® to beverage products, thus boosting your consumers’ weight loss efforts. A study showed that over the period of 16 weeks, subjects who took 400 mg of Meratrim® twice a day reduced their body weight by an average of 11.2 pounds, their hip size by 2.0 inches, and their waist size by 3.9 inches.

To learn more about Meratrim® and boosting your sales with beverage products that have plant based supplements in them, contact InterHealth Nutraceuticals today by email at info@interhealthusa.com or by phone at 1-800-783-4636.

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