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3 Sport Nutrition Trends and the Benefit of ZMA®

Is your fitness business keeping up with today’s most recent health and weight loss trends?

Health is a dynamic industry that requires constant shifting and reevaluating to emerge as a top competitor in the market. After all, new health studies emerge every day. Some of them draw conflicting conclusions with past projections or theories. Others spur new trends that the public latch onto. Everyone wants the most recent theory on how to live longer, lose weight, and be healthier overall.


Nutrition is a key part of any weight loss plan or fitness goal. So you can imagine how nutrition trends could play a large role in someone choosing an exercise facility, nutrition clinic, or other health establishment. Being a successful sports nutrition source also means having the right products on your shelves and marketing in the right way. To increase your success in finding and retaining clients, consider how these three sport nutrition trends affect your business:


  1. Sports Drinks – Beverages to aid physical performance by rehydrating or flushing the body with extra vitamins and minerals remain at the peak of sports nutrition trends. With over $22 billion spent annually, this is the largest segment of sports nutrition products.
  2. Non-Athletes – While traditionally, athletes have been the focus of campaigns and target marketing in the sports nutrition business, a rising number of non-athletes have become a substantial consumer group. Specifically, sports nutrition products are popular among middle-class youth.
  3. New Distribution Channels – Due to the wider demographic for sports nutrition products, there is an increase in accessibility through mass-market retailers. This is a challenge for sports or fitness specific businesses, whose main consumer base is still athletes rather than recreational or lifestyle users.


Have these sport nutrition trends given you some insight into a new way to market or how to be more successful with the products you carry? Perhaps you’re carrying products which are not optimal to the needs of your main client base, products which are readily available elsewhere and driving business away from your doors.


One leading supplement ingredient in the realm of sports nutrition is ZMA®. ZMA® increases testosterone levels for better muscle recovery and rejuvenation. This non-steroidal muscle support is utilized by athletes across the world. It can be utilized in beverages as well as capsules.
Interested in more supplement ingredients to maintain your competitive edge in the health industry? Email InterHealth at info@interhealthusa.com to talk with a representative.

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