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3 Ways Supplements Can Help Clients Surpass New Year’s Resolutions

3 Ways Supplements Can Help Clients Surpass New Year's ResolutionsNew Year’s resolutions are made with the best intentions. Many of these resolutions are quickly forgotten, excuses are made and the resolutions get pushed back. When you are working with clients helping them to get their lives on the healthy track, you don’t need them to fall into this trap. Educate them on all of the possible solutions to help them stick to their goals throughout the new year!

Make an Investment

One of the biggest issues with New Year’s resolutions is that people don’t make an investment in the resolution. It is really easy to make losing weight or getting healthy your resolution; however, it will be hard to keep the resolutions if no investment is made.

When you are working with clients at the beginning of the new year, the top priority has to be getting them to invest in themselves. Clients who are working toward a weight loss goal can invest in supplements that are going to help them lose weight.

Offer a Solution

The solutions that you offer your clients should be ones that aren’t overly complex. Meratrim® is a solution for weight management that clients only need to take twice per day. There isn’t a complicated schedule to follow. It is easy for the client. They can use this supplement with a basic 2,000-calorie diet and simple exercise plan.

Additionally, the solutions you offer shouldn’t try to upsell a formula. In the case of the client who has a weight loss resolution, you would offer some workout programs. These should be tailored to the client’s needs so that they stay interested. Instead of focusing on one single activity, try to encourage the client to try multiple activities so that different muscle groups are used and challenged.

Create a Plan

Creating a plan is sometimes the most difficult part of getting the New Year’s resolution together. Oftentimes, a tiered program works best for patients trying to lose weight. Create month-by-month plans that increase in intensity or duration as the year progresses.

When creating a plan, have spaces for the clients to check off specific elements, such as taking their supplements or completing a workout, so that they know when they’ve completed everything. Include suggested exercises or activities along with the possible calories that are burned with each. For example, bicycling for an hour would burn approximately 364 calories per hour for a 200-pound patient. An hour of Tae Kwon Do for a 200-pound client would burn approximately 937 calories.
Crushing new years goals can be made simple with Meratrim® by InterHealth. To learn more about Meratrim® and other supplements that can help your clients reach their New Year’s goals give us a call at 1-800-783-4636 or visit us online at InterHealthUSA.com.

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