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A Guide to Helping Clients with High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, aka high blood pressure, can lead to stroke or heart attack. In fact, 7 in 10 adults are at a greater risk due to lack of physical activity and poor eating habits. Even among the younger generations, high blood pressure affects overall health in a negative way. Therefore, many people are searching for answers on how to lower blood pressure. Because your brand, company, or clinic operates in the health industry, you are one of the sources those people will seek for help.

If your clients approach you for advice or guidance on lowering blood pressure and gaining better circulation, suggest a few of these tips for blood pressure management:


  1. Post-Dinner Walks – It’s time health resources take a stand against the myth that exercise has to be painful, uncomfortable, or sweat-inducing. The body and heart can benefit from simple daily activity such as a short, after-dinner walk around the block. It helps with digestion and boosts metabolism, even if only a little bit.
  2. Bananas – Potassium-rich foods such as bananas have several health benefits for your clients, including maintenance of fluid balance in the body and lowering blood pressure.
  3. Reduce Salt – Salt intake has a direct impact on blood pressure by drawing fluid into arteries. More fluid means higher pressure. Thus, clients should be advised to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Anything with 1.5g of sodium for every 100g is too much.
  4. Yogurt – According a study at the University of Minnesota, one small portion of yogurt each day can reduce blood pressure by a third over a 15 year period.
  5. Cut Cigarettes and Alcohol – Cigarettes contain nicotine which encourages adrenaline production, thereby raising your heart rate. Alcohol wreaks havoc by slowing down your heart rate and adding sugars to your blood. Both of these can contribute to sleep apnea, which has been linked with high blood pressure.

If your clients find adding and cutting the above foods too difficult, or if they want an additional way to actively lower blood pressure, suggest a weight loss program. As fat can shrink the size of blood vessels, being overweight greatly increases the chance for high blood pressure.

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