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4 Tips to Reduce Workplace Related Stress

Whether dealing with tight deadlines, complicated projects, or difficult personalities, many people identify the workplace as one of their primary stressors. Luckily, there are many ways employers can help reduce workplace stress. Below, we have identified four ways that you can help reduce stress in the workplace, leading to happier, more productive employees. Implement a Wellness Program Exercise has been proven to reduce stress in people, so it only makes sense to encourage your workforce to regularly exercise. Many employers will offer to pay for a portion or even all of their employees’ gym memberships as an added incentive. Or, simply providing healthy eating programs or routines are a great way to get your employees motivated to start living healthier, and thus, less stressed. Provide a Tech-free Space Often, employees simply need a place to go for a few minutes to get away from any distractions. The area should be free of technology, with no computers, phones, or televisions to prolong workplace stress. The area is intended to serve as a quiet oasis for employees to go to for 10-15 minutes during their day. Employees are likely to return to work feeling mentally refreshed and ready to continue their workday […] Read More

Reduce Stress Eating For Your Patients or Clients with Relora®

Stress eating is a difficult habit to break, especially when clients and patients are using this bad habit to cope with other stressful life situations. Helping them understand the side effects of stress eating and educating them on tactics to stop the bad habit are important to keeping their health on the right track. There are a few specific ways to help your client recognize their habit of stress eating and also a few ways they can try to cope with the habit. Check out a few of these helpful tips below to get your clients and/or patients back on the right track! Recognize the Reasons Why Stress works on the body in mysterious ways. While some people will hit the gym or take the time to read a book, others will turn to food. They may binge eat or not eat at all to cope with their stress. Recognizing the reasons why your patient and/or client is turning to food is the first step in the process. Help them identify the internal reasons why they are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or lacking in an area of their life. After recognizing the reasons it’s easier to help implement different coping mechanisms. […] Read More