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UC-ll® Maintains Growth in Joint Health Sector in 2016

IRI scan data from 2015 showed that UC-ll® had unprecedented growth in the joint health sector of the supplement and vitamin marketplace. In fact, that growth was at 61% over a 52 week period, far outperforming the general joint health market which declined by 15%. Though glucosamine and chondroitin still dominated, UC-ll® was predicted to grow even more as a contender due to its small, single dose requirement. Read More

The Collagen Trend: How It’s Benefiting Your Clients (UC-II®)

Clients want a magical supplement that does it all. From smoothing out their wrinkles to helping them lose weight. Most of the time, you have to deliver the unfortunate reality that health supplements are specific and target only one or two related health concerns. However, manufacturers have begun producing new supplements with what many dub a “miracle” ingredient: collagen. Read More

How to Help Your Client Find Their Ideal Weight

There is no single “ideal weight” that applies to every person. We each have a different biological makeup, bone structure, height, and goals. And yet helping clients understand this basic truth can be tough. Everyone desires the easy answer, the simple solution. If there were a universal ideal weight, there would also be a universal ideal way to lose weight. Read More

Debunk These Health Myths with Your Clients

Weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle can be very confusing. People are getting contradicting information about health and wellness from every possible source. How do people know what’s right, what’s outdated, or what information is actually applicable to their lifestyle? Have a conversation about the following topics with your clients. We’ve have info you need to debunk these myths! Read More

Support Your Client’s Health with OptiBerry®

Help keep your clients feeling healthy and happy. With cold season approaching, having a strengthened immune system and total body health is extremely important. With OptiBerry® from InterHealth, your clients will support their wellness by supplementing their diets with a specifically unique blend of antioxidant support. Read More

Help Clients Have a Healthy Family

Are your lifestyle clients concerned about the health of their entire family? Have they asked you how they can increase the activity levels in their family and support the health of their spouse and their kids? We have several tips that will help you help your clients. Living a healthy lifestyle at home and encouraging a healthy family will help your clients reach their goals. Read More

Supporting a Healthy Metabolic Rate

When you work with weight loss clients, it’s likely that you’ve noticed that the process varies a great deal from one client to the next. Some clients might start seeing results quickly and without having to make major lifestyle changes, while others may find the process to be much more challenging. While there are many factors that influence weight loss outcomes, your client’s metabolism plays a major role. An individual’s metabolic rate can be affected by genetics, age, and other circumstances beyond their control. Fortunately, your clients have the power to kick-start a slow metabolism. Read More

Improved Respiratory Health for Your Clients

Our health and well-being includes much more than just our body weight and fitness level. Leading a healthy lifestyle involves supporting all of our body’s systems. For clients who experience seasonal allergies or other respiratory issues, there are steps they can take to improve their respiratory health. Encourage them to follow these simple tips to keep them breathing easier: Read More

Supporting Healthy Body Weight and Blood Sugar Levels

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. For clients who are looking to maintain balanced blood sugar, accomplishing this is easier than they might realize. If your client is ready to start their journey toward a healthier lifestyle, here are some ways you can help them get started: Read More

Simple Ways to Boost Cardiovascular Health

Our body’s cardiovascular system powers virtually all of our functions. It’s incredibly important to maintain the health of this vital system, and promoting cardiovascular health is easier than your clients might imagine. Incorporating just a few small changes can provide some major benefits to your client’s cardiovascular and overall health and wellness. Here are a few simple tips that they can start implementing today: Read More