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Slow The Aging Process For Your Patients with Protykin® From InterHealth

The aging process can be a scary time for many patients, as it’s a time they begin to lose the things that made them unique or gave them ability to do activities that they love. Helping your patients stay as healthy as possible is important in helping them live a healthy and fulfilling life as they age. Recommending a supplement such as Protykin® from InterHealth can be a helpful step in keeping your patients aging process slow. What is Protykin? A revolutionary supplement, Protykin®, can hone in on a human gene that may be able to slow the aging process. Made of Polygonum Cuspidatum root, Protykin® contains 50% trans-resveratrol. This powerful supplement also contains strong antioxidants to promote a healthy life. Furthermore, all of the ingredients in Protykin® are uniquely sourced to ensure they are of the utmost quality. How does it work? Protykin® works two fold. First, this supplement contains trans-resveratrol which has long been known for its longevity benefits. Trans-resveratrol has been linked to stimulating the SIRT1 gene, which may contribute to longevity. Secondly, the supplement acts by imitating caloric restriction in the body. Having a reduced calorie intake has long been connected with an extended lifespan. The […] Read More

Support Joint Health Through Exercise, Diet, and UC-II®

If you are in the business of health and wellness, you need information concerning many of the common complaints of your clients, such as how to support healthy joints. You need a highly-researched, tested, and proven effective joint supplement you can offer to your customers to help them increase mobility. It’s important to combine a quality supplement with proper diet and regular exercise for a healthy and mobile life! You can now point your clients to a revolutionary and truly effective product that proves to offer joint pain relief, surpassing all other products on the market today. Once your clients try UC-II® from InterHealth, they will keep returning for more because this product works, is proven safe, and offers no side effects. Additionally, here are a few exercises you can suggest to your clients to help them on the path towards stronger joints and improved mobility: Yoga. An exercise that combines stretching and breathing with controlled movements of the body, yoga is highly recommended for improving joint strength and mobility. Encourage your clients to start with a beginner’s class with an experienced teacher in order to get started on the right foot. Yoga can be a rewarding and lifelong exercise […] Read More

Promoting Employee Health in the Workplace

Having a healthy work environment is beneficial for both the employee and the employer. From the employer standpoint, having healthy employees means that your company will see an increase in productivity, creativity, and teamwork while seeing a decrease in health-related expenses. From the view of the employee, workplace health is even more important. Staying fresh and healthy at work will help improve overall health and make the work day more enjoyable. Plus, employees that work together toward being healthy will help build better teams and lasting relationships. Below, we have outlined a few tips to help keep you healthy at work that are easy to do. Drink Water! Staying hydrated with a 8 to 10 glasses of water of day is a mandatory part of staying healthy. You can also get plenty of hydration from watery fruits such as oranges, apples, watermelon, and grapes. The dreaded 3:00 p.m. lull that people slip into is a direct result of being dehydrated. A good tip to drink plenty of water throughout the day is to bring your refillable water bottle. It helps to set goals throughout the day to finish and refill the bottle by set times. Include Exercise Daily Even if […] Read More

Reduce Stress Eating For Your Patients or Clients with Relora®

Stress eating is a difficult habit to break, especially when clients and patients are using this bad habit to cope with other stressful life situations. Helping them understand the side effects of stress eating and educating them on tactics to stop the bad habit are important to keeping their health on the right track. There are a few specific ways to help your client recognize their habit of stress eating and also a few ways they can try to cope with the habit. Check out a few of these helpful tips below to get your clients and/or patients back on the right track! Recognize the Reasons Why Stress works on the body in mysterious ways. While some people will hit the gym or take the time to read a book, others will turn to food. They may binge eat or not eat at all to cope with their stress. Recognizing the reasons why your patient and/or client is turning to food is the first step in the process. Help them identify the internal reasons why they are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or lacking in an area of their life. After recognizing the reasons it’s easier to help implement different coping mechanisms. […] Read More

Control Blood Sugar Levels With ChromeMate® and ZyChrome®

What role do you play in people’s lives? Are you in the business of health and fitness? Are you expected to be educated of the most common illnesses in today’s society? If you are a physical trainer, nutritionists, a holistic practitioner, chiropractor, have a whole foods company, a health food store, or own a gym, you want to be able to inform clients of quality supplement products. Your search for a reliable company that has products that support healthy blood sugar levels is over! InterHealth has 100% natural products that can help your clients with chronic health issues. We have supplements that stand the test of time and have gone through years of research. These supplements prove to be useful for any number of health problems, including blood sugar health. We have two proven supplements that can help manage blood sugar issues, which are ChromeMate® and ZyChrome®. ChromeMate® A unique blend of chromium and niacin are combined into a single mineral complex in this proven supplement. ChromeMate® provides a variety of benefits including maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and body weight. ChromeMate® also helps increase absorption of nutrients. This supplement has been researched for 30+ years and has […] Read More

Reduce Your Client’s Gym Anxiety with Relora®

Addressing anxieties before you begin a workout program is an important aspect of being a fitness trainer. If a new client or a returning client is nervous about meeting you at the gym, you have to address this anxiety before you can get to the workout. Anxiety surrounding exercise may stem from a variety of reasons. Some may feel uncomfortable with their body or are worried about getting injured. Others may struggle with social nervousness and find it difficult to be in a crowded room. These anxieties prevent you from being your best. If you are struggling to connect with a client, you may be wasting time or losing valuable income. If a client does make it to the gym, but is hesitant to try anything new, their progress will be lengthy and they may get discouraged. During your initial meeting with a client, bring up any anxieties or concerns your client has about exercising at a gym. Use your skills to remind your client that you will be by their side throughout the entire workout and will safely guide them through the exercises. Remove any injury concerns quickly by explaining how you will begin with light weights and movements […] Read More

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle With InterHealth

Choosing a high-quality natural supplement to recommend to your customers can be a challenge. Depending on their goals there may be one company that has a better supplement that another but at InterHealth you will find a variety of top-of-the-line supplements that can address a variety of your client’s goals. But, at InterHealth you can find a variety of supplements that will achieve many of your clients goals when they are combined with a regular workout routine, meal plan, and living a healthy life. Let’s take a look at who we are and what we have to offer you and your clients. InterHealth is in the business of helping people get healthy and fit and has devoted a lifetime to helping people lead a well-rounded lifestyle. We provide 100% pure and natural supplements and have been working towards bringing people these researched and proved supplements for over 30 years. One of the major sectors InterHealth focuses on is weight loss. We provide a variety of supplements that are able to help your clients maintain weight, increase weight loss, and more. Our supplements that can help reach weight goals are Super CitriMax®, Meratrim®, 7-Keto®, and Lowat®. These supplements specifically focus on […] Read More

Tips for Improving Your Enthusiasm as a Fitness Coach

People’s definitions of a health enthusiast differ from one person to the next. For some, a health enthusiast is someone who goes to the gym every day. For others, it is a person who follows a strict diet and exercise routine. Some people don’t consider a person a health enthusiast unless he or she is a personal trainer of some sort. Truth is, though, anyone can be a health enthusiast. The only thing that matters is that you be enthusiastic about your health and be willing to take part in activities and a way of life that promotes optimal health. Here’s a quick look at several tips for improving your enthusiasm as a fitness coach! Tip #1: Mix It Up From time to time, it is important to change up your regular diet and exercise routine. This doesn’t mean you should binge on brownies or completely do away with exercising daily, but reminding yourself that living a healthy lifestyle can be fun is of the utmost importance. Excellent ways to change things up a bit are to try out healthy desserts, add in new forms of exercise, and to grab a friend and drag them along with you to the gym. […] Read More

5 Suggestions to Help Clients With Mood Irregularities

Working with a client who has mood irregularities can be a difficult situation. You might not know what to expect when your client walks in the door. No matter what type of business you are in, helping your client to improve their mood can be beneficial to everyone involved. Not only can it help with weight loss and stress relief, having a stable mood can help clients to feel better too. There are several ways that you can suggest for your client to stabilize their mood. Exercise Exercise can help to stabilize the mood because of the hormones that are released when you exercise. Walking, swimming, biking, and other exercises can help your clients to expend energy and stay as healthy as possible. Your clients should find activities that they enjoy so that they will want to keep up with it and continue to challenge themselves. Healthy Diet Eating unhealthy foods, such as those that are high in sodium, can zap energy. Low energy can lead to mood changes. While your clients won’t have to eat a perfect diet, they can make small changes like substituting water for soda once per day or choosing fish instead of fried chicken for […] Read More

Educate Your Clients on the Benefits of Collagen with UC-II®

Educating your clients about what supplements are going to provide them the greatest benefits is an important step in any personal training journey. Out of all the proteins in the body, the most abundant source of protein is collagen, the glue that holds your body together. Every facet of the human body is held together by this protein, called collagen, known to be stronger than steel. Collagen starts to drop naturally at age 40. At age 60, you have a significant reduction in collagen. Collagen is responsible for the repair and healing of the body, provides a protective coating to many vital organs, keeps your body healthy, produces new cells, improves body strength, flexibility, stability, and more. As you age a decrease in collagen can lead to the weakening of cartilage, especially in the knees and other frequently used joints. A collagen supplement may turn your health issues around for the better. But, what supplement company do you trust? Educating your clients on simple tips to choose the right products can help them make the right choices. You can tell a reputable supplement company by its endorsements, in-depth research programs, product development, marketing strategies, and the use of natural ingredients. […] Read More