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Beginner High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT, has become widely popular over the past few years because of the benefits of getting the most out of the workout in a shorter amount of time. As a personal trainer, you understand that people want to get in shape, but they also have a limited time to dedicate to their fitness. Here are a few beginner high-intensity interval training cardio exercises that will help your clients get the results they want!

Beginner High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Exercises.

  • Sprints. The classic cardio activity but more intense. This HIIT exercise may be done outside, but for the sake of measuring speed, let’s head to the treadmill. For sprint intervals, your client will be performing a one-minute full sprint, followed by a 60–90 second recovery period of brisk walking. Depending on the level of fitness, it may take some adjusting to get the speeds customized for each client, but we suggest sprinting at 7–9 mph and walking at 4 mph as starting points. Go through the cycle a minimum of five times, with a three-minute warm-up and cool-down period. As an extra challenge, have your client increase the elevation by 2% each sprint interval.
  • Cycling. For a lower impact HIIT cardio session, have your client try a stationary bike. With a stationary bike, you can still push your clients to get their heart rate up by increasing speed and resistance. We’re going to try one-minute intervals of high intensity and resistance, followed by 30 seconds of an easier, more casual pace. The resistance during the high-intensity intervals should be challenging, by not to the point of failure. Imagine trying to ride a bicycle through peanut butter. Go through this cycle a minimum of five times.
  • Boxing. Many people have yet to try boxing because they’re either uncomfortable trying it on their own, or they don’t consider it to be a cardio workout. Boxing is not only a great cardio activity, but it’s also a tremendous stress relief. Start by showing your client the proper form so they can perform the exercise safely. For this interval variation, your client will be performing a cross punch for one minute, followed by a one-minute recovery period. To put it simply, the cross punch will just be alternating hands. Encourage your client to keep the speed and intensity high so they get the most out of their workout.
  • Battle Ropes. Battle ropes offer a fantastic range of upper body activities while giving the body a solid cardio workout. For this activity, your client will perform 20 seconds of full intensity “alternating waves” where they alternate arms, swinging the rope as hard as they can to form a wave that travels to the other side. Alternatively, they may try “double arm waves” where they do the same motion but with both arms at the same time. Encourage them to perform hard for the full 20 seconds, and then follow it with 20 seconds of rest. If they’ve never tried the battle ropes before, 20 seconds intervals will probably sound easy to them, but they’ll feel the burn after the first interval. Do this cycle ten times.
  • Jump Rope. The classic activity from your childhood is still an excellent exercise in the gym. For this activity, have your client simply jump rope for 100 jumps, followed by a one-minute recovery period. Repeat this cycle five times.
  • Rowing. The rowing machine provides a wonderful full-body cardio workout with minimal impact and adjustable resistance. With medium resistance, have your client perform a full minute of high-intensity rowing followed by one minute of easy rowing. Repeat this cycle five times.

Encouraging your clients to try high-intensity interval training offers the benefit of getting the most out of each cardio session. By performing short bursts of intense activity, your client will be able to get the same advantages in a 30-minute workout that would otherwise take up to twice as long. To increase fitness and weight loss results for your clients, encourage them to try a natural supplement with ingredients from InterHealth, like 7-Keto®. With our patented formula, your clients could see results 2.9x better than diet and exercise alone. Learn more on our website, or call 1-800-783-4636.

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