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7 Steps for Developing Health & Fitness Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. People are looking to make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to better themselves in some way. As their personal trainer, coach, or mentor, you will likely be part of the resolution-deciding process. This is a great opportunity to get a fresh start and work towards health and fitness goals in the new year. If you’re not sure where to start, continue reading for 7 steps for developing health and fitness resolutions Create manageable resolutions. The first step in developing health and fitness resolutions is to work with your client in finding something manageable. A huge part of many people abandoning their New Year’s resolution is because their goal was too lofty or there wasn’t an appropriate amount of time allotted to reach the goal. Talk through the ideas your client has for their resolutions and bring your own suggestions to the table as well. Together, you should be able to create manageable resolutions for the new year. Develop both tangible and intangible goals. Any resolution should have multiple goals attached to it. A key ingredient for success is being able to complete clear goals. Having both tangible and intangible goals is key, since there is […] Read More

UC-ll® Maintains Growth in Joint Health Sector in 2016

IRI scan data from 2015 showed that UC-ll® had unprecedented growth in the joint health sector of the supplement and vitamin marketplace. In fact, that growth was at 61% over a 52 week period, far outperforming the general joint health market which declined by 15%. Though glucosamine and chondroitin still dominated, UC-ll® was predicted to grow even more as a contender due to its small, single dose requirement. Read More

The ‘Eating More’ Approach for Weight Loss Clients

Weight loss is a challenge for many people. Between workout routines and dietary changes, it can be hard for weight loss clients to stay committed in the long run. As you probably know, losing weight doesn’t have to require restrictive diets. In fact, your clients can actually eat more than they might expect, provided they choose the right foods. Here are a few ways to help your clients try the “eating more” approach to weight loss: Read More

6 Ways To Improve a Client’s Joint Health

Joint health is a big concern for many people as it can affect every part of their lives. As a personal trainer, it’s likely that you’ve heard numerous questions from clients of all fitness levels about what they can do to increase their joint health. First of all, if they’ve expressed any concern for the comfort of their joints, we recommend that they speak with a doctor before getting into a new routine. However, here are a few recommendations you should make. Read More

Relora®: A Summer Mood Boost Ingredient

As a health business, you’ve probably heard about seasonal mood swings. Some people experience the “winter blues” while others take advantage of the “summer high.” But do you know why the seasons have an effect? And is there a way to capitalize on that for better business? Read More

Help Improve Your Patient’s Heart Health

When your patients ask you about improving their heart health, there may not always be a clear cut answer. But there are a few places that can provide a good starting point for people of all ages. Here are a few things to discuss with your patients when talking about improving heart health. Read More

Promoting Patient’s Mental Health

When we think of health and wellness, physical health typically comes to mind first. However, mental health plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. When your patient is expressing concerns about their daily mood, stress, or anxiety, try suggesting a few of these tips. Read More

Why Provide a Variety of Weight Loss Supplements

It’s the nature of consumers to want the best product on the market. No matter if it’s books, clothes, food, or health products. When a product works for someone, they refer friends and family to that product. Word spreads and the company’s customer base grows. But that product may not be as enjoyable or reliable to everyone referred. There’s no blanket product that will make everyone happy. That’s why there are so many brands, styles, and ideas in any given industry. Read More

UCII® for Healthy Joints

As a health authority, you know the importance of maintaining and safeguarding joints. Joints allow people to run, jump, dance, and do a variety of other physical activities that keep them in shape or aid them in weight loss. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle becomes more difficult with joint conditions from wear, damage, and arthritis. And considering that 20% of people in the United States have arthritis, you should be well aware of the risks and how to help your clients avoid it so that they can maintain their personal fitness goals with longevity. Read More

ZMA®, Not Just for Fitness Fanatics

ZMA® is a popular supplement for bodybuilders, fitness fanatics, and professional athletes, but it shouldn’t be reserved for them. ZMA® is a powerful supplement that can enhance anyone’s workout. If your clients are working to tone up or build lean muscle, ZMA® is a great way to promote their fitness and help them reach their long-term goals. Read More