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7-Keto®: U.S. Awarded Metabolic Rate & Weight Loss Patent

7-Keto® is a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA, a molecule naturally formed in the body. 7-Keto® helps maintain metabolic rate when dieting and exercising, and helps to promote not just weight loss, but fat loss specifically. Recent research studies show that 7-Keto® is 2.9 times more effective at helping people achieve their weight loss goals than simply trying diet and exercise alone. 7-Keto® is patented for its ability to modulate metabolic rate, which is key for successful weight loss. 7-Keto® has been proven in two clinical research trials with controlled research. One research test was designed to test 7-Keto® as a supplement to increase metabolic rate, while the second analyzed it as a weight loss supplement. The research was randomized, placebo-controlled, and was performed with a double-blind condition. In the first study, participants found their metabolic rate increased by nearly 1.43 percent when compared to participants who only took the placebo. During the research, participants were asked to eat a restricted diet of 800 calories less than the recommended daily amount. Participants were also asked to continue their normal exercise routine. In the second research study, participants lost on average 6.35 pounds after the eight-week study. This amount of weight […] Read More

A Healthy Business Approach

Clear back in 1948, the World Health Organization defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” At Interhealth Nutraceuticals, we take that definition very seriously. Our unique ingredients and patented products are backed by scientific research. We make our products available to individuals and also work with businesses to assure that we have a healthy approach to business. Setting the Standard First, our products must be safe – no potentially dangerous ingredients, no unnecessary fillers. Second, they must be effective. To that end, our scientists first scour the world for ingredients that will do what they’re supposed to. When we create a supplement or functional food, the goal is to include or combine ingredients that will help improve your health. For example, if we say a weight-loss product like Meratrim®, Super CitriMax® or 7-Keto® helps with appetite suppression or weight loss, it’s backed up by scientific studies of that exact product. One reason our products are patented is to protect our investment, but it’s also to ensure that when you buy a product, it’s the real deal. The Right Way Our research includes multiple steps – safety first, […] Read More

Help Your Clients Gain Control of Their Metabolism

It can be difficult to understand exactly what is happening with your own, or a client’s, metabolism when trying to lose weight through diet and exercise. Often, metabolism is to blame for people gaining weight, or for not being able to lose weight as quickly as a person would like. The truth of the matter is that metabolism is a very complicated process that occurs in the body that can be difficult to hone in on. Luckily, with supplements such as 7-Keto®, there is now a way to maintain and modulate your own and your client’s metabolism to help increase weight loss. Metabolism summarized is the way that your body can convert food into energy. Sometimes, though, when a metabolism is slow, food is not converted as efficiently as it should be and the food is then turned to fat rather than burned off as energy. There are many factors that can contribute to what level a person’s metabolism is at. Such factors can include age, diet, prior health, and activity level. Even a person’s gender can affect how efficiently the body can transform food and drink into energy. It has been proven that typically males have a higher metabolic […] Read More

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle With InterHealth

Choosing a high-quality natural supplement to recommend to your customers can be a challenge. Depending on their goals there may be one company that has a better supplement that another but at InterHealth you will find a variety of top-of-the-line supplements that can address a variety of your client’s goals. But, at InterHealth you can find a variety of supplements that will achieve many of your clients goals when they are combined with a regular workout routine, meal plan, and living a healthy life. Let’s take a look at who we are and what we have to offer you and your clients. InterHealth is in the business of helping people get healthy and fit and has devoted a lifetime to helping people lead a well-rounded lifestyle. We provide 100% pure and natural supplements and have been working towards bringing people these researched and proved supplements for over 30 years. One of the major sectors InterHealth focuses on is weight loss. We provide a variety of supplements that are able to help your clients maintain weight, increase weight loss, and more. Our supplements that can help reach weight goals are Super CitriMax®, Meratrim®, 7-Keto®, and Lowat®. These supplements specifically focus on […] Read More

Introducing Your Clients to Circuit Training

If your clients are trying to lose weight and increase their overall fitness level, but are having a hard time fitting in a regular workout, circuit training might be the perfect option for them. Circuit training workouts pack a lot of fitness benefits into a shorter amount of time, helping your clients get the most out of their workout time. Read on to learn more about the benefits of circuit training, and how to help your clients get started. Read More

Customized Formulas For Weight Loss

High quality, effective ingredients have always been of great importance for us. When it comes to weight management and weight loss, we take pride in having created industry-leading products that help people achieve the results they desire. Looking to improve your company’s products? Ask us about adding one of these four ingredients. Read More

Why Provide a Variety of Weight Loss Supplements

It’s the nature of consumers to want the best product on the market. No matter if it’s books, clothes, food, or health products. When a product works for someone, they refer friends and family to that product. Word spreads and the company’s customer base grows. But that product may not be as enjoyable or reliable to everyone referred. There’s no blanket product that will make everyone happy. That’s why there are so many brands, styles, and ideas in any given industry. Read More

Helping Your Client Lower Their BMI

Body mass index, or BMI, is a commonly used measurement to determine if someone is at a healthy weight relative to their height. As a health or fitness professional, it’s likely that you often encounter clients looking to lower the BMI to a healthy range. The Centers for Disease Control suggest that a healthy BMI is 18.5–24.9, overweight is 25-29.9, and obese is over 30. There are several things to discuss with your client to help set them on the right track. Here’s where to start. Read More

Help Clients Reach Fitness Goals with an Incline

Creating an effective workout routine for your fitness clients can be challenging over time. People get bored and lose motivation. If you are experiencing this from your current clients, it’s time to switch up their routine! Consider implementing a full body cardio experience with an inclined treadmill workout. Read More

InterHealth: Safe, Effective, and Beneficial for Your Products

We pride ourselves on providing your company with the most efficient, safe, and beneficial products. Each of our products are tested under strict standards to show that they can positively transform your customer’s health. Our research is available for you to read at any time if you or your customers have any questions about specific ingredients we provide. Let’s take a look at some of our standards, studies, and successes.   Strict Standards Our facilities adhere to strict standards set by the National Science Foundation and the Public Health and Safety Organization. These guidelines provide our facilities with processes, procedures, and accurate documentation that ensure that each of our products has the strength, composition, quality, and purity that we claim it has on its label. The GPM standards are the only American National Standard in the dietary supplement industry. We following these guidelines to demonstrate our commitment to public safety.   Research Studies Our studies begin with our science team conducting a series of safety tests to ensure the quality of our ingredients are safe for human consumption. After adhering to our strict safety standards, each ingredient undergoes multiple clinical studies. Many of the studies for our ingredients undergo randomized, […] Read More