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Safety. Results. ChromeMate®.

When it comes to improving your health, at InterHealth we highly value the safety of our products. When you visit our site, you’ll notice a tab labeled Research. By clicking on this tab you can easily view the research and safety data of our products. We understand the importance of providing our customers with products that are not only effective but healthy and safe too, and this is why we make sure all items we sell have been backed by clinical research. Who is InterHealth? We specialize in not only researching and developing safe health products, but also in marketing them. We use proprietary branded nutraceutical ingredients to develop our products and we distribute them on a worldwide basis to manufacturers who specialize in dietary supplements as well as those who focus on functional foods and beverages. InterHealth has established a first-class, highly-respected reputation within the dietary supplement industry thanks to our thorough research programs, effective products, and exceptional customer service. Scientific Research InterHealth has over 25 peer-reviewed clinical publications, all of which have helped pave the way to create our research-backed dietary supplements. We focus on safety health, and it is not until the safety of a product has […] Read More

Add Value to Your RTD Beverages with ChromeMate®

Proprietary ready-to-drink offerings can help you to attract new consumers, and those consumers will begin to trust your brand if the RTD beverages perform as expected. This means that it is crucial for you to work with ingredients that have a proven track record when you are formulating the RTD options that you want to offer. ChromeMate is a supplement that you can add to existing RTD formulations or you can develop a new formulation to use the supplement with. The unique properties and extensive testing of ChromeMate provide you with undeniable benefits that your consumers will be likely to notice. It is made in the U.S. following strict GMP guidelines and is Generally Recognized as Safe. Benefits Abound No matter what exists in your current or prospective client base, adding ChromeMate to your RTD beverages will benefit them. ChromeMate supports lean muscle health, which can benefit everyone from beginners to bodybuilders and ultimately have an impact on sales. The supplement helps to support healthy body weight, which can help people start to shed unhealthy weight and can help athletes who need to stay within their weight class. It also helps to maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Seamless […] Read More

Live Healthier In 2017 With ChromeMate®

The new year is a time when people start thinking about improving their overall health. Perhaps they have experienced problems, or they want to prevent them. Either way, they often look to health and wellness providers for information, suggestions, and products that can help them achieve their goals. This is often an opportunity for patients to make drastic improvements in their health, as the new year is a catalyst for change. This is the perfect time to introduce patients and clients to new programs and products designed to help improve health and fitness. As a provider, it’s important to educate patients and clients and offer them options for improving their health. Some of the most common complaints that health and wellness providers encounter are weight management, blood sugar, and cholesterol management. The first step for many people is to make the appropriate lifestyle changes. In some cases, medication is necessary. Often, though, there are other options. One way to help patients address their health concerns is to point them in the direction of the proper supplementation. Targeted supplements are an effective way to improve health, along with other healthy lifestyle choices. For example, a client or patient who struggles with […] Read More

Control Blood Sugar Levels With ChromeMate® and ZyChrome®

What role do you play in people’s lives? Are you in the business of health and fitness? Are you expected to be educated of the most common illnesses in today’s society? If you are a physical trainer, nutritionists, a holistic practitioner, chiropractor, have a whole foods company, a health food store, or own a gym, you want to be able to inform clients of quality supplement products. Your search for a reliable company that has products that support healthy blood sugar levels is over! InterHealth has 100% natural products that can help your clients with chronic health issues. We have supplements that stand the test of time and have gone through years of research. These supplements prove to be useful for any number of health problems, including blood sugar health. We have two proven supplements that can help manage blood sugar issues, which are ChromeMate® and ZyChrome®. ChromeMate® A unique blend of chromium and niacin are combined into a single mineral complex in this proven supplement. ChromeMate® provides a variety of benefits including maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and body weight. ChromeMate® also helps increase absorption of nutrients. This supplement has been researched for 30+ years and has […] Read More

Talking to Patients About Blood Sugar

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 29 million Americans have diabetes, in addition to an additional 86 million that have prediabetes, many of which have no idea. This is, of course, due to high blood sugar levels. When patients come to you with a concern, it’s important to walk them through a few important points regarding blood sugar levels to help them understand and keep their levels in check. Read More

Fighting Cholesterol and How ChromeMate® Can Help

As you may already know, cholesterol is an issue for people in the United States. And while it has traditionally been a concern for people as they age, that is no longer the only scenario in which high cholesterol is a problem. Read More

Supporting Healthy Body Weight and Blood Sugar Levels

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. For clients who are looking to maintain balanced blood sugar, accomplishing this is easier than they might realize. If your client is ready to start their journey toward a healthier lifestyle, here are some ways you can help them get started: Read More

ChromeMate®: The Formulation-Friendly Option

In today’s market, consumers are often seeking products that do more. Many prefer supplements that offer multiple health benefits. In addition to these benefits, they also want a product that is quick and convenient to use. At InterHealth, we are committed to producing high-quality ingredients that meet the needs of both consumers and manufacturers, and ingredients such as ChromeMate® are a direct result of that commitment. Read More

Talking To Patients About Blood Sugar

Nowadays, people are bombarded with conflicting information regarding health and fitness. And although there are many opinions on how to get healthy, blood sugar levels are one area in which most health professionals agree that people should monitor more closely. If there is a concern for your patient’s blood sugar health, it’s important to handle the conversation with care while expressing the facts. Here are a few tips on how to discuss blood sugar health with your patients.   Explaining the importance of blood sugar health. . First of all, it’s important for your patient to understand why maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is so necessary. Most people know that unhealthy blood sugar levels can lead to diseases like diabetes over time. What many people do not know, is that diabetes is a deceptive, sneaky disease. The symptoms aren’t always obvious, and often patients can have it for years before they realize it. Increased blood sugar can damage the blood vessels throughout the body, even when symptoms are not yet present.     Suggesting ways to keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range. There is plenty of scary news that comes with blood sugar health and diabetes, but […] Read More

InterHealth for Blood Sugar Health

Low blood sugar levels are a problem that many patients face today. With an increase in diabetes across the United States, the importance of teaching people about proper blood sugar levels is significant. Even those who do not have diabetes can experience symptoms brought on by low blood sugar and should know how to alleviate them. Here is a quick look at how blood sugar levels are affecting your patients bodies, how they can maintain their blood sugar levels, and how InterHealth ingredients can keep your patients on the right track. How Blood Sugar Affects the Body Blood sugar in the body, also known as glucose, comes from a few different sources. It can be taken from foods and created within the body by the liver turning muscles and fat into sugar. A variety of symptoms can occur when a patient’s blood sugar levels are low; heart palpitations, a decrease in concentration, loss of consciousness, mood swings, increase in headaches, lack of coordination, and blurry vision to name a few. These symptoms can be brought on by skipping a meal, exercising more than usual, eating less than normal, taking too much medication, or not taking the proper medication needed to […] Read More