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Customized Formulas For Weight Loss

High quality, effective ingredients have always been of great importance for us. When it comes to weight management and weight loss, we take pride in having created industry-leading products that help people achieve the results they desire. Looking to improve your company’s products? Ask us about adding one of these four ingredients. Read More

Helping Clients Manage Their Hunger

Your clients come to you because they have goals they want to reach. Perhaps they want to feel more fit, or lose some weight, or simply feel healthier. Whatever their goals, a healthier and more balanced diet plays an important role in reaching them. However, cravings for unhealthy food can sometimes come between them and their weight loss or fitness goals. Fortunately, there are ways your clients can better manage their hunger so they are able to resist the temptation to overindulge on snacks.   If you have one or more clients who are having trouble conquering their cravings, here are some tips to help them take back control: Read More

Power Through a Weight Loss Plateau with LOWAT®

Do you work with clients that seem to have a hit a plateau on their weight loss journey? A weight loss plateau can be discouraging for your client and for you, as their trainer! Being determined and powering through the weight loss plateau is the key to weight loss success, but sometimes extra support can be beneficial. LOWAT® from InterHealth is a proprietary weight loss blend that has been proven to aid in weight loss by supporting blood sugar regulation and healthy digestion. Read More

Help Clients Reach Fitness Goals with an Incline

Creating an effective workout routine for your fitness clients can be challenging over time. People get bored and lose motivation. If you are experiencing this from your current clients, it’s time to switch up their routine! Consider implementing a full body cardio experience with an inclined treadmill workout. Read More

Supplement Use in Four Consumer Types

With the power of the internet, people can research and learn about healthy living more than ever before. In the past few years, consumers have been turning to self-care and a natural approach for ailments before moving to the pharmaceutical industry. This natural approach to healthcare is why the supplement industry continues to grow rapidly. People want to maintain their health and visit the doctor less. Consumers research their products and ingredients to find the supplements that work the best for their needs.   The growing use of supplements is being seen among everyone, but the four following consumers tend to be heavy purchasers of supplements. Continue reading to learn more about each consumer and the type of supplements they look to purchase. Body Builders Body builders are different from other types of fitness fanatics. Bodybuilders look to show off their muscles, become more defined, and are as worried about the appearance of their muscles as they are about the strength of their body. For body builders, they want a supplement that promotes steady muscle growth, strength, and a quick recovery. Many bodybuilders utilize the a supplement containing ZMA®. ZMA® is a non-steroidal supplement for muscle support. It increases testosterone […] Read More

4 Ways to Help Your Clients Develop a Weight Loss Routine

Developing a weight loss routine is always an overwhelming process. A process that works for one person may not work for the next person. Weight loss is so much more than a calorie count. It is a long-term lifestyle change that requires emotional strength and mental determination.If you are working to help your clients develop a weight loss plan, here are four helpful tips to keep in mind. Make the regime easy to implement. A plan that can be implemented is key to weight loss. If your client’s lifestyle cannot accommodate the plan you’ve set for them, they will not be successful in their weight loss journey. Create a good weight loss plan by learning about your client. Learn about their life, their hobbies, their family. Know what a regular week looks like for them! If you can understand how their world works, you will be better equipped to create a long term weight loss plan for them. Try to add extra activity to any normal day. If your clients can walk to work, encourage them to do so. Encourage them to park in the back of the parking lot, to promote several extra steps in their day. Recommend the […] Read More