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Maximizing Nutritional Supplement Sales

To maximize nutritional supplement sales, a company must study and understand the landscape of the ever-shifting market. Nutritional supplement sales have been on the rise for the past few decades, with a more rapid increase in just the last few years. Back in 2012, US nutritional sales hit $11.5 billion and were estimated to grow to $15.5 billion in 2017. Read More

Fall Inspiration For Your Fitness Clients

Fall is a wonderful time of year full of pumpkins, chai tea, changing leaves, and fun holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. It is a transitional season that can be a good catalyst for making positive changes. Below you will find some fall inspiration to help motivate your fitness clients to the next level or help new clients find a workout plan that fits their needs and goals. Read More

Creating a Weight Management Package

Every nutritional and supplement company needs a selection of weight management ingredients to build the best product. After all, everything is about weight loss. Whether your target demographic is 20-year-old athletes, 30-year-old stay at home parents, or retirees, losing weight is focused heavily as the key to a successful fitness regimen and healthier life. Doctors regularly point to weight loss as a step toward lowering the risk of major diseases and health problems, too. Read More

Supplement Industry Tips: Email Marketing

In recent years, email marketing has reached a new level of sophistication that marketers and consumers in all industries are taking advantage of. In addition to providing information and details about promotions, email marketing should be engaging your audience and providing value to their everyday lives. Also, simply put, email marketing drives retail sales. Whether you have an brick and mortar health store, clinic, gym or an e-commerce website (or a combination) email marketing is an essential component to marketing and selling your health products. Read More

6 Tips for a New Product Launch

Is your nutrition company working on the next big thing? Get in line. Every company has a product development team doing that very same thing, so you better have a game plan that’ll set you apart. It’s more than a press release or featured article in the daily news. You need to put the time, effort, and money into this launch to truly make the product creation worthwhile. Read More

5 Nutrition Tips to Share with New Athletes

As a nutritional or health company, the relationship between the company and athletes is mutually beneficial. Athletes are a sizable target group to rally behind your products, and you help athletes improve their performance and take their skill set to the next level. Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Supplement Packaging Design

An essential part of the success of a supplement is in the packaging design. At a time when we see beautiful and intelligent design for everything from writing utensils to big brand websites, it is important to not let your supplement product design fall on the backburner. Additionally, the health and supplement industry has grown so large so quickly that unique product packaging design becomes even more imperative. You’ve taken that extra step in ensuring the quality of your product but now it’s time to make sure consumers notice it on the shelf or the webpage. Read More

Exercising with Asthma: What Your Patients Should Know

Exercising trains the lungs just as it trains the muscles in a body. However, some patients and clients will find it more difficult to breathe during periods of physical exertion; this is often because of asthma. Read More

Motivate Your Clients to Work Out at Home

For some clients, it’s not possible to make it to the gym multiple times each week. There may not be a gym that is convenient for your clients, or maybe they simply can’t fit the commute time into their busy schedule. Working out at home is a great way to stick to a weight loss or fitness plan! Help your clients make strides toward their fitness goals by giving them helpful strategies to avoid distraction and get moving at home. Read More

Treadmill Incline for Fitness Clients

Treadmill incline workouts are a great way to help your clients switch up their old routine at the gym. By encouraging different exercises for cardio, you’re helping your client gain strength, mobility, and flexibility all over their body. Explain the benefits of walking up a steep treadmill incline and have them replace their elliptical exercises or treadmill runs! Read More