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Slow The Aging Process For Your Patients with Protykin® From InterHealth

The aging process can be a scary time for many patients, as it’s a time they begin to lose the things that made them unique or gave them ability to do activities that they love. Helping your patients stay as healthy as possible is important in helping them live a healthy and fulfilling life as they age. Recommending a supplement such as Protykin® from InterHealth can be a helpful step in keeping your patients aging process slow. What is Protykin? A revolutionary supplement, Protykin®, can hone in on a human gene that may be able to slow the aging process. Made of Polygonum Cuspidatum root, Protykin® contains 50% trans-resveratrol. This powerful supplement also contains strong antioxidants to promote a healthy life. Furthermore, all of the ingredients in Protykin® are uniquely sourced to ensure they are of the utmost quality. How does it work? Protykin® works two fold. First, this supplement contains trans-resveratrol which has long been known for its longevity benefits. Trans-resveratrol has been linked to stimulating the SIRT1 gene, which may contribute to longevity. Secondly, the supplement acts by imitating caloric restriction in the body. Having a reduced calorie intake has long been connected with an extended lifespan. The […] Read More

Pass Healthy Aging Benefits on to Your Customers

In the last three decades, people have been living longer (and arguably healthier) lives. Because of this, the overall quality of life for them is better than it has been in the past. This conclusion came from a study of people age 50 and older between 1991 and 2009. As compared to the past, people are better able to care for themselves later in life with the help of medicines, recovery processes, and health education. Your company is a cog in the health education machine of the world. To perpetuate this healthy aging trend and pass on more healthy aging benefits to your customers, you should continue to focus on tips like: Break Routine – Routine limits brain stimulation and body enrichment. New activities, planned events, and trying new foods can all improve health. Switch Canes for Poles – Canes and walkers may be bad for posture. A walking pole of staff helps keep the body upright and focuses on strengthening the upper body. Brain Games – As people age, a sedentary lifestyle can spread from the physical body to the mind. Watching tv or relaxing more doesn’t have to mean resting the mind. Promote brain engagement through puzzles, trivia, […] Read More

Maximizing Nutritional Supplement Sales

To maximize nutritional supplement sales, a company must study and understand the landscape of the ever-shifting market. Nutritional supplement sales have been on the rise for the past few decades, with a more rapid increase in just the last few years. Back in 2012, US nutritional sales hit $11.5 billion and were estimated to grow to $15.5 billion in 2017. Read More

Help Your Clients With Summertime Skin Health

Can you believe that summer has almost arrived?! As the sun shines down, the number of opportunities to get outside and play goes up. That may mean fewer clients in your clinic, gym, or other health establishment, but it also means new opportunities to encourage better health and lifestyle habits. Read More

Better Senior Fitness with Protykin®!

When it comes to health and fitness, there isn’t one ultimate workout routine, diet, or supplement that works well for everyone. That’s why there are so many out there! And that’s what makes so much competition for you, whether you own a gym, run a health clinic, or sell quality health products from a local store. One way to step up to the competition and increase your bottom line has to do with zeroing in on a more specific target audience. Do you operate near a college campus or close to senior living centers? What kind of clientele already frequents your business? Is there a need in your community for youth, adult, or senior fitness that isn’t being met? After asking yourself questions like this, analyze if you are marketing well to the public and brainstorm ways to improve. It’s important to do this at least once per year, as your customer population or your local community may change. If you find that your community or business lacks products or services for seniors, consider how that need can be filled. Research what’s going on in other communities across the nation and how other health businesses are helping seniors maintain weight, […] Read More

Helping Patients Age Healthfully with Protykin®

Aging is a process everyone will eventually have to go through, and your patients are no exception. Guiding and teaching your patients about how to stay healthy can help them avoid severe health conditions and diseases as they age. There are many ways a primary care provider can help their patients age smoothly; one way is to encourage increased antioxidants in their diets. Let’s explore a little more about how antioxidants can help your patients age as well as which InterHealth products can help you get your patients on the right track. What are Antioxidants? Antioxidants provide cells of the body with the ability to fight off harmful species that enter or are created within the body due to damage from oxygen; this is called oxidative stress. Antioxidants are made up of enzymes and a variety of other substances such as beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc., that can neutralize or put a stop to the harmful effects of oxidative stress. Antioxidants and Aging Oxidative stress can potentially lead to Alzheimer’s disease, cancers, heart and blood vessel disorders, atherosclerosis, heart failure and heart attack, and many other problems all of which are common among aging patients across the United […] Read More

Strange but True Health Tips for Your Clients

Some clients will claim that they’ve heard all of the health tips in the book, or rather on the internet. Others may simply lose interest in their fitness regime. For either group of people, we’ve got a solution for you! Seek health and wellness tips that are outside of the box to share with your customer base. The shocking, surprising, and just plain odd ideas will refocus them back on their personal goals, whether it be weight management or cardiovascular support. Need somewhere to start? Keep these strange but true fitness factoids on hand for your next client interaction! Drink Coffee for a Super Nap – Drinking 1-2 cups of coffee directly before a 20-minute nap actually increases the effectiveness of the nap. A nap clears out a molecule in the brain called Adenosine, and the coffee kicks in to block further Adenosine. In the end, you are more alert and refreshed, able to knock out big projects or take on that after-work exercise program. Eat More to Eat Less – This method seems contradictory, but it’s very effective to know. Snacks or smaller meals in general can simply tease the body and result in a less satisfied feeling. If […] Read More