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Vitamin D: Is Your Patient Getting Enough?

For mental health and physical health, the vitamins and nutrients we put into our bodies play a significant role. One vitamin that is easy to overlook is vitamin D. If your patient is testing low for vitamin D, it’s important to discuss how to correct the issue. Here are a few points to go over with your patient. Why is Vitamin D Important? Vitamin D plays a critical role in keeping the body in good condition. For starters, vitamin D helps the body better absorb calcium for bone growth and strength. Without vitamin D, bones can become extremely fragile or misshapen. How Much Vitamin D Does the Body Need? Just like with any other vitamin, the recommended daily dose varies based on the individual. Although there are differing opinions across the field, many experts will recommend the following: Infants up to 12 months old: 400 IU/day (1,000 IU/day max.) Children 1–3 years old: 600 IU/day (2,500 IU/day max.) Children 4–8 years old: 600 IU/day (3,000 IU/day max.) Ages 9–70:  600 IU/day (4,000 IU/day max.) Over 80:  800 IU/day (4,000 IU/day max.) Vitamin D Deficiency. In addition to fragile or misshapen bones, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a number […] Read More