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InterHealth Weight Loss Supplement Line

Weight loss has been, and probably always will be a goal for the health conscious. While diet and exercise are very important elements within a weight loss regime, your clients may also benefit from some of the proven supplements InterHealth Nutraceuticals offers. We test these supplements in clinical trials to make sure they’re effective and safe. Super CitriMax® Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit also known as Malabar tamarind. The peel contains a compound called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has been shown in studies to increase fat-burning. It may also help suppress appetite. InterHealth Super CitriMax® is specially formulated to make the HCA more bioavailable. Research shows Super CitriMax® is three times more effective than diet and exercise alone in clinical trials. Patients had a 25 percent reduction in daily calorie intake and produced more serotonin – a brain chemical that helps suppress appetite. Meratrim® Meratrim® contains extracts blended from Sphaeranthus indicus flower heads and Garcinia mangostana fruit rind. The combination affects fat cell formulation and breakdown (if you want to lose weight you have to target those fat cells). Double-blind, placebo-controlled studies showed Meratrim® was effective in helping people lose weight. It also helped reduce study participants’ hip and […] Read More

A Healthy Business Approach

Clear back in 1948, the World Health Organization defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” At Interhealth Nutraceuticals, we take that definition very seriously. Our unique ingredients and patented products are backed by scientific research. We make our products available to individuals and also work with businesses to assure that we have a healthy approach to business. Setting the Standard First, our products must be safe – no potentially dangerous ingredients, no unnecessary fillers. Second, they must be effective. To that end, our scientists first scour the world for ingredients that will do what they’re supposed to. When we create a supplement or functional food, the goal is to include or combine ingredients that will help improve your health. For example, if we say a weight-loss product like Meratrim®, Super CitriMax® or 7-Keto® helps with appetite suppression or weight loss, it’s backed up by scientific studies of that exact product. One reason our products are patented is to protect our investment, but it’s also to ensure that when you buy a product, it’s the real deal. The Right Way Our research includes multiple steps – safety first, […] Read More

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle With InterHealth

Choosing a high-quality natural supplement to recommend to your customers can be a challenge. Depending on their goals there may be one company that has a better supplement that another but at InterHealth you will find a variety of top-of-the-line supplements that can address a variety of your client’s goals. But, at InterHealth you can find a variety of supplements that will achieve many of your clients goals when they are combined with a regular workout routine, meal plan, and living a healthy life. Let’s take a look at who we are and what we have to offer you and your clients. InterHealth is in the business of helping people get healthy and fit and has devoted a lifetime to helping people lead a well-rounded lifestyle. We provide 100% pure and natural supplements and have been working towards bringing people these researched and proved supplements for over 30 years. One of the major sectors InterHealth focuses on is weight loss. We provide a variety of supplements that are able to help your clients maintain weight, increase weight loss, and more. Our supplements that can help reach weight goals are Super CitriMax®, Meratrim®, 7-Keto®, and Lowat®. These supplements specifically focus on […] Read More

How to Help Your Client Find Their Ideal Weight

There is no single “ideal weight” that applies to every person. We each have a different biological makeup, bone structure, height, and goals. And yet helping clients understand this basic truth can be tough. Everyone desires the easy answer, the simple solution. If there were a universal ideal weight, there would also be a universal ideal way to lose weight. Read More

Instructing Your Patients: The Detox Diet

If you run a clinic, gym, or health facility, chances are high that you’ve had a patient approach you to ask for advice. How much exercise will get me to lose 20 lbs? Can I eat pizza and still get thin? What’s the best workout to tone my arms? There are hundreds upon thousands of deviations from questions like these, all seeking insight and experience. You hold the key to helping your patients make positive life changes and be healthier overall. Read More

Customized Formulas For Weight Loss

High quality, effective ingredients have always been of great importance for us. When it comes to weight management and weight loss, we take pride in having created industry-leading products that help people achieve the results they desire. Looking to improve your company’s products? Ask us about adding one of these four ingredients. Read More

Snack Substitutes and SuperCitriMax®

SuperCitriMax® from InterHealth is a patented 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA) water extract from Garcinia cambogia. Our ingredient is different than other Garcinia cambogia products. We use a patented double salt of hydroxycitric acid uniquely bound to calcium and potassium for greater bioavailability and efficacy. Read More

Why Provide a Variety of Weight Loss Supplements

It’s the nature of consumers to want the best product on the market. No matter if it’s books, clothes, food, or health products. When a product works for someone, they refer friends and family to that product. Word spreads and the company’s customer base grows. But that product may not be as enjoyable or reliable to everyone referred. There’s no blanket product that will make everyone happy. That’s why there are so many brands, styles, and ideas in any given industry. Read More

Curb Cravings with Super CitriMax®

We all experience food cravings, and we’ve all given in to those cravings from time to time. However, when giving in to these cravings starts to undermine weight loss or weight management, it’s time to take back control. If your clients have a hard time saying no to temptation, there are steps they can take to stay on track. Here are a few simple ways they can conquer cravings and stay committed to their goals: Read More

Assessing Your Client’s Exercise Needs

When a client walks through your door, they aren’t simply a potential sale. To build a community of returning clients, you need to provide service sincerity and longevity. It starts with an assessment of your client’s exercise needs. Read More