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Help Clients Reach Fitness Goals with an Incline

Creating an effective workout routine for your fitness clients can be challenging over time. People get bored and lose motivation. If you are experiencing this from your current clients, it’s time to switch up their routine! Consider implementing a full body cardio experience with an inclined treadmill workout. Read More

Satisfy Hunger and Eat Less with Super CitriMax

Hunger creeps up on everyone at inopportune times, and it’s part of what makes losing weight so difficult. When someone decides to diet, they’re excited and energized about going forward, eating specific things at specific times. Planning ahead makes it seem easy, except that you can’t always anticipate when your stomach will grumble in protest and you’ll be tempted to reach for that bag of chips to snack on. This is partially because the amount (and types) of sustenance the body needs can change day to day. One day, a person might sit at a desk working for hours and need fewer calories to replenish lost energy. Another day, the same person might run five miles in the morning and hit up the gym after work for an hour. If your health business encourages physical activity, you’ve seen the effect it can have on the body and the mind. After all, hunger is really just a mental interpretation of what the body feels. The wrong solution to that mentality is usually detrimental to losing weight! Physical activity makes the body hungrier, along with other factors like mood, weather, age, and sex. While your business may be able to coach and […] Read More

Super CitriMax® as a Key Ingredient for Weight Loss

Are you looking for an ingredient to support weight loss in your line of supplements? InterHealth has the ingredient you need. Super CitriMax®  is an all-natural formulated ingredient from Interhealth. It encourages three times more weight loss than diet and exercise alone. It is the supplement ingredient that you have been searching for! What is Super CitriMax®? The main ingredient of Super CitriMax® is a hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that is extracted from the plant Garcinia cambogia. This 60% HCA water extract is then scientifically and uniquely bound to calcium and potassium to ensure solubility and efficacy in the body. Why Choose Super CitriMax®? There are many reasons to choose Super CitriMax® as a supplement ingredient, but there are eight main reasons: In four separate clinical studies, participants who were given Super CitriMax® reduced their body fat by three times as much as participants who received the placebo. Super CitriMax® reduces a person’s craving for unnecessary calories. In clinical trials, the total daily caloric intake was reduced by 25% and the daily caloric intake from snacking was reduced by 40%. The clinical studies suggest that Super CitriMax® helps increase the breakdown of fat. Not only is the body craving fewer calories, […] Read More

Help Clients Beat Bloat and Get a Trimmer Tummy

Abdomen pressure from bloating is a source of high discomfort for people of all ages and circumstances, and it can lead to low energy and reluctance to exercise or stay on track with a diet. Therefore, it’s important to help your clients beat bloating to really obtain the results they want and an overall healthier, happier life. To start, it’s good to identify whether the ailment is bloating or another related issue. Ask these questions to identify the condition: Do symptoms include constipation, diarrhea, and/or gas? If so, your client may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It’s estimated that 15% of Americans suffer from this ailment which affects the large intestine. Medical professionals have ways to treat the symptoms, but you can also suggest a food approach to eliminate symptoms before they begin. Some carbs are poorly digested in the small intestine and people with IBS are sensitive to them. Foods to suggest your client to avoid include: wheat crackers, beans, asparagus, honey, cottage cheese, milk, cashews, and cauliflower. Do you also experience abdominal pains or tenderness, fever, chills, loss of appetite, and/or nausea? In this case, it could be a case of Diverticulosis which stems from eating too much […] Read More

Super CitriMax® For Cardiovascular Health

Promoting healthy living and lifestyle is important to those of us at InterHealth. We provide quality and effective ingredients that can help make manufactured food, beverage, and dietary supplement products healthier for customers. Each of our ingredients has the specific ability to help support or alter a consumer’s health in some way, whether that is weight loss, respiratory support, joint support, or more. The ingredient Super CitriMax® can help support cardiovascular health. If you are searching for an ingredient for your food, beverage, or dietary supplement that will help support cardiovascular health, Super CitriMax® could be the ingredient for you. Let’s take a look. Cardiovascular Health Maintaining cardiovascular health involves many different aspects of life. Keeping up a healthy exercise routine, eating healthy foods, and also keeping cholesterol levels in check help maintain a normal cardiovascular system. Without these three main health routines, anyone can suffer from serious heart issues, with the potential to end up as a heart attack. That’s where Super CitriMax® comes in. This powerhouse ingredient has been shown, through a multitude of studies and intense research, to help support healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range. High-levels of cholesterol can lead to heart disease and overtime […] Read More