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UC-II® – A Top Joint Health Ingredient for Your Supplement

UC-II® is a new patented supplement that helps to support joint health while improving flexibility and mobility. The powerful supplement only requires one daily dose of 40 mg which helps set it apart from competitors. Compared to glucosamine and chondroitin, UC-II® is far more effective in treating joint pain and consistently outperforms these competitors in clinical trials. The secret to UC-II is the patented collagen made of undenatured type II collagen. The patented collagen used is manufactured inside the United States. UC-II uses a formulated and patented technique combining low temperatures with a non-enzymatic process. The type of collagen used is derived from chicken sternum cartilage. The efficacy of this cartilage has been tested in four different clinical trials. In the most recent study conducted to compare the benefits of UC-II to those of the popular glucosamine and chondroitin, often taken for joint pain, a research lab gathered 191 participants. The participants were all suffering from some sort of keen pain associated with knee osteoarthritis, or OA. The 191 participants were randomly split up into three groups. The first group received UC-II once daily in a 40 mg dose. The second group received glucosamine and chondroitin once daily in a […] Read More

The Benefits of Collagen in Health Products

Collagen plays an important role in the human body. Our bodies naturally produce collagen that not only helps improve our skin and appearance but also help with performance, movement, and comfort. As people age, collagen production slows down, and the existing collagen begins to break down leading to aging signs and joint discomfort. People all around the world will age, it’s the way life is, but what if you could help them slow the signs and joint discomfort they will experience in their later years. Well, you can, with UC-II® from InterHealth. UC-II® can provide your customers with a variety of health benefits and help them slow their aging process. Adding UC-II® to your health product can be a simple process. Let’s check out a few reasons why you should add UC-II® and collagen to your health products! Reduce Aging Symptoms As we age, we tend to experience joint discomfort, mobility restrictions, wrinkles, and more. Although collagen starts to reduce in production as we age, it can be supplemented back into the body. When being added back in as bodies start to slow production, UC-II® can slow down the process by relieving joint discomfort, increasing mobility, and reducing or slowing […] Read More

Support Joint Health Through Exercise, Diet, and UC-II®

If you are in the business of health and wellness, you need information concerning many of the common complaints of your clients, such as how to support healthy joints. You need a highly-researched, tested, and proven effective joint supplement you can offer to your customers to help them increase mobility. It’s important to combine a quality supplement with proper diet and regular exercise for a healthy and mobile life! You can now point your clients to a revolutionary and truly effective product that proves to offer joint pain relief, surpassing all other products on the market today. Once your clients try UC-II® from InterHealth, they will keep returning for more because this product works, is proven safe, and offers no side effects. Additionally, here are a few exercises you can suggest to your clients to help them on the path towards stronger joints and improved mobility: Yoga. An exercise that combines stretching and breathing with controlled movements of the body, yoga is highly recommended for improving joint strength and mobility. Encourage your clients to start with a beginner’s class with an experienced teacher in order to get started on the right foot. Yoga can be a rewarding and lifelong exercise […] Read More

Educate Your Clients on the Benefits of Collagen with UC-II®

Educating your clients about what supplements are going to provide them the greatest benefits is an important step in any personal training journey. Out of all the proteins in the body, the most abundant source of protein is collagen, the glue that holds your body together. Every facet of the human body is held together by this protein, called collagen, known to be stronger than steel. Collagen starts to drop naturally at age 40. At age 60, you have a significant reduction in collagen. Collagen is responsible for the repair and healing of the body, provides a protective coating to many vital organs, keeps your body healthy, produces new cells, improves body strength, flexibility, stability, and more. As you age a decrease in collagen can lead to the weakening of cartilage, especially in the knees and other frequently used joints. A collagen supplement may turn your health issues around for the better. But, what supplement company do you trust? Educating your clients on simple tips to choose the right products can help them make the right choices. You can tell a reputable supplement company by its endorsements, in-depth research programs, product development, marketing strategies, and the use of natural ingredients. […] Read More

3 Supplement Sales Trends in 2016

Coasting on the nutritional supplement market over the next five years will require focused targeting of key consumer groups and specialized supplementation. In other words, the market has slowly diverged from the catch-all health boosts and general weight loss. That’s not to say that the weight loss supplement segment has dropped, but rather that others are gaining a considerable foothold. According to the market research firm, Packaged Facts, there are four major trends to anticipate between now and 2020. Of those, the top three are: Gender-specific supplements, primarily those geared toward women. Digestive supplements and probiotics. Supplements for multicultural or specific ethnic groups. Gender-specific supplements are expanding, especially in the subcategory of pregnancy and prenatal supplements. Targeting this demographic requires an understanding of expectant mothers, where they seek reputable information, and their number one priority of baby safety. Previously, public figures have been used to sway opinions. However, more and more mothers are looking for a sincere and genuine mother-to-mother recommendation. Digestive health is another hot category, with sales up 21% in the last year. Probiotics especially have dominated as a supplement segment due to the increasing spread of information concerning man-made foods and the potential harm of gluten for […] Read More

Helping Patients Improve Joint Comfort

Joint comfort is a concern for millions of people worldwide. But although many people are unaware, some things can be done that may help improve comfort levels and quality of life. Here are a few ways that we suggest talking to patients to help them better understand what they can do to improve joint comfort. Read More

Treadmill Incline for Fitness Clients

Treadmill incline workouts are a great way to help your clients switch up their old routine at the gym. By encouraging different exercises for cardio, you’re helping your client gain strength, mobility, and flexibility all over their body. Explain the benefits of walking up a steep treadmill incline and have them replace their elliptical exercises or treadmill runs! Read More

UC-ll® Maintains Growth in Joint Health Sector in 2016

IRI scan data from 2015 showed that UC-ll® had unprecedented growth in the joint health sector of the supplement and vitamin marketplace. In fact, that growth was at 61% over a 52 week period, far outperforming the general joint health market which declined by 15%. Though glucosamine and chondroitin still dominated, UC-ll® was predicted to grow even more as a contender due to its small, single dose requirement. Read More

The Collagen Trend: How It’s Benefiting Your Clients (UC-II®)

Clients want a magical supplement that does it all. From smoothing out their wrinkles to helping them lose weight. Most of the time, you have to deliver the unfortunate reality that health supplements are specific and target only one or two related health concerns. However, manufacturers have begun producing new supplements with what many dub a “miracle” ingredient: collagen. Read More

Introducing a Supplement to Clients with Joint Discomfort

If you have a client that is experiencing joint discomfort, it may be time to recommend a joint supplement. Choosing the right one and introducing it to your client in the right way will help with the effectiveness of the supplement and build trust between you and your client. Follow the tips below to introduce joint supplements in a manner that will help support their joint discomfort. Read More