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Help Your Muscle Enthusiast Reach Their Next Level

New peer-reviewed research was recently published regarding the effectiveness of ZMA®, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. ZMA® is a supplement that has demonstrated an increase testosterone levels, power, and strength, making it a great option to help your clients achieve their muscle building goals. ZMA® is a formula of anabolic minerals containing a high amount of bioavailable zinc mono-L-methionine, zinc/magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6. This powerful combination works together to provide increased muscle building activity. ZMA® is effective because it works to increase both total and free testosterone and insulin-like growth factor in the body to grow muscle and power. Both of these hormones are used to generate muscle power and strength. Used by professional athletes around the world, ZMA® is a non-steroidal muscle support, and is easily taken in beverages or capsule form. If your clients are serious about building muscle, they need to explore the benefits of taking ZMA®. The powder form of this powerful supplement is specially designed to be easy to use. ZMA – 3000® can be used for your powdered protein, food formula, or energy applications. Plus, the supplement has a neutral flavor so it can mix well—even in challenging formulations. With the […] Read More

Promote Healthy Muscle Gain With ZMA®

Testosterone is what makes men, men, while estrogen makes women, women, right? Well, not exactly – it’s a bit more complicated than that. Men and women actually produce both hormones, just in different amounts. Testosterone, in particular, has been singled out as the hormone that affects muscle mass – that at least is accurate for men. Testosterone in men is responsible for the sexual characteristics we associate with males: increased height and muscle mass, thicker facial hair, and a deeper voice, to name a few. Women with high testosterone levels can also develop these characteristics, but most women have much lower testosterone levels compared to men. However, women do need small amounts of testosterone to be healthy and maintain strong bones. It’s rare for women to need testosterone supplementation, but in men, testosterone gradually declines with age. Testosterone affects muscle growth and fat loss. When given anabolic steroids, healthy young men develop increased testosterone levels that can increase muscle mass and help them lose fat. Those steroids come with a high price in terms of side effects, however. Supporting natural testosterone levels may help promote overall well-being, increase libido and cognitive function and help men burn fat. No matter what […] Read More

Steroid-Free Muscle Support Solutions

Muscles power every action in the body and strong muscles in the professional athlete (or even the weekend warrior) make a big difference in performance. Exercise is basic for building muscle strength and power, but sometimes an athlete wants a little extra. Supplements may offer a solution without the risks of steroids. Exercise and Muscles Exercise is how muscles become stronger. Aerobic exercise such as running, cycling or swimming promotes oxygen metabolism and overall fitness, but strength-training targets specific muscle groups or individual muscles. Weight lifting and resistance training with machines are the primary methods athletes use to strengthen their muscles. About Steroids Steroids are hormones that occur naturally in the human body. When taken as supplements, steroids can have a significant impact on an athlete’s ability to build muscles and increase muscle strength and power. However, steroids also have some major health risks. They can cause severe mood swings and anger (what’s known as steroid rage). Steroids also affect the immune system and other body functions and metabolic processes. They can cause serious negative health effects in men and women. Steroids are banned by many professional athletic organizations. Muscle Support with Supplements One option for non-steroidal muscle support is […] Read More

Athletes Crave ZMA® in Their Health Products

Finding the best product to help support your muscles is a common area of research for athletes, but ZMA makes it easy for athletes to get the muscle support they need. This is especially true for athletes who perform on a professional level who need optimal performance on a consistent basis.  ZMA is just what many athletes need to improve performance by supporting their muscles in a way that is suitable for athletes, even those who are active competitors. All the Benefits Athletes Crave ZMA is a non-steroidal muscle support that produces amazing results to give athletes a boost that is noticeable even with no other changes to their workout routines. The anabolic formula boosts insulin-like growth factor and free testosterone. This can help improve muscle recovery and aids in muscle regeneration. Essentially, this is the equivalent of boosting the weight and repetition count while supercharging the rest muscles get between workout sessions. In double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies, people who took ZMA had one time more muscle power, 43-percent more testosterone, and four times as much muscle strength. All of this can really pack on the lean muscle without the use of steroids. This also helps to increase the cut […] Read More

Rock Gyms Scale Other Fitness Trends

The gym addition of rock climbing walls came about in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, representing an exotic and unique challenge for those looking to train or simply get off of the typical machines. Indoor rock climbing was inspired by the outdoor predecessor, but with an added level of safety and a friendliness to beginners. Spotters worked for the gym and helped give pointers to those who had never tried to climb before. Handholds made routes up the wall clearer without reducing the challenge. Indoor Rock Climbing Benefits There are many benefits to indoor rock climbing which have encouraged its rising popularity among patrons and its increased presence in gyms across the country. Reduced Cost – An athlete needs only him or herself when making an indoor climb, as opposed to renting or buying expensive equipment, paying for gas to travel, or investing in park passes. Accessibility – With indoor rock climbing, one only needs to drive a handful of minutes to a local gym. Whereas, outdoor climbing requires participants to lug gear to a cliffside or mountain range that’s been deemed suitable and safe. Traditional climbers even have to hike several miles to reach a wall, rather than […] Read More

Maximizing Client Fitness Results

As a personal trainer, helping clients get the most out of their fitness is the name of the game. Through the winter months, many people will be heading to fitness facilities to work on their fitness and stay active. But what is the best approach to helping clients maximize results? Here’s what we recommend. Read More

5 Nutrition Tips to Share with New Athletes

As a nutritional or health company, the relationship between the company and athletes is mutually beneficial. Athletes are a sizable target group to rally behind your products, and you help athletes improve their performance and take their skill set to the next level. Read More

Motivate Your Clients to Work Out at Home

For some clients, it’s not possible to make it to the gym multiple times each week. There may not be a gym that is convenient for your clients, or maybe they simply can’t fit the commute time into their busy schedule. Working out at home is a great way to stick to a weight loss or fitness plan! Help your clients make strides toward their fitness goals by giving them helpful strategies to avoid distraction and get moving at home. Read More

Improving Athletic Performance and Recovery with ZMA®

Athletes have incredible determination and an ability to motivate themselves each and every day, but that doesn’t mean they don’t use outside guidance and advice. Some even have a designated trainer to help them prepare for a big marathon, game, or competition. Read More

Fuel Your Clients’ Workouts with ZMA®

If your clients are working hard to build muscle strength and power, it’s likely they have already started a weight training routine that also includes some cardio. Regular workouts can help them maintain healthy testosterone levels, and keep them on the right track to reach their fitness goals. As with any fitness plan, the right balance of diet and exercise is key to supporting their success. Read More