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Maintain Clients Energy With Zychrome®

Energy makes the world go ’round. In the personal sense, having enough energy is what gets people through the day so they can meet their job and personal commitments. One of the important factors in the energy equation is insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. When you’re working with a weight loss client who has low energy, it’s important to educate them about insulin. The cells in the body all run on glucose, which the body obtains from the food you eat. Carbohydrates break down into glucose and are used to fuel every body process. Insulin is, directly and indirectly, involved in the process of digestion, storage, and energy distribution. Without insulin, muscles, fat cells, and the liver cannot absorb or use glucose properly, resulting in high blood sugar. If blood sugar levels remain high over a period, the cells also become less sensitive to insulin, leading to diabetes. When people eat food, the pancreas releases insulin directly into the bloodstream. The increased insulin levels send a chemical message to cells, essentially telling them to open up and absorb nutrients. As nutrients are absorbed from the bloodstream, the level of insulin gradually drops until it reaches a steady […] Read More

Control Blood Sugar Levels With ChromeMate® and ZyChrome®

What role do you play in people’s lives? Are you in the business of health and fitness? Are you expected to be educated of the most common illnesses in today’s society? If you are a physical trainer, nutritionists, a holistic practitioner, chiropractor, have a whole foods company, a health food store, or own a gym, you want to be able to inform clients of quality supplement products. Your search for a reliable company that has products that support healthy blood sugar levels is over! InterHealth has 100% natural products that can help your clients with chronic health issues. We have supplements that stand the test of time and have gone through years of research. These supplements prove to be useful for any number of health problems, including blood sugar health. We have two proven supplements that can help manage blood sugar issues, which are ChromeMate® and ZyChrome®. ChromeMate® A unique blend of chromium and niacin are combined into a single mineral complex in this proven supplement. ChromeMate® provides a variety of benefits including maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and body weight. ChromeMate® also helps increase absorption of nutrients. This supplement has been researched for 30+ years and has […] Read More

Managing Patient Diabetes In The Summer

Summer is right around the corner, which means extreme heat and reminding patients how they need to treat their body during the summer months. Many patients with diabetes need to take a cautious and thoughtful approach when it comes to the warm weather. Before the heat rises to its full effect, take the time to reteach your diabetes patients about how they can manage their insulin levels during the warm days ahead. Read More