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Say No to Your Employees Fad Diets and Yes to Lifestyle Changes

Achieving weight loss and maintaining your weight involves a lifestyle change and quality, natural supplement assistance for optimum weight loss results. While some people might turn to fad diets for their New Year’s resolutions, a healthy lifestyle change focused on wellness will achieve long lasting results. Certain diets that may work for your clients or employees weight loss journey will involve a lifestyle change with behavior modification and a healthy, quality, natural supplement through a quality company like InterHealth to help replenish nutrients. Many business owners are faced with the challenge of helping their employees stay healthy and fit. Not only is focusing on your employee’s health good for them, it’s good for you, since healthy and fit employees are more likely to see a higher productivity rate at work. Help your employees stay away from fad diets by providing them access to: Physical Trainers Nutritionists Health & Wellness Coaches Helping your employees understand the risks of fad diets can keep them healthier over time and increase their quality of life. Introducing them to weight loss supplements can also help keep them on track! InterHealth is a seasoned company with over 30-years of research going into each quality, natural supplement. […] Read More

Strategies for Successful Fitness Trainers

To be a success as a fitness trainer, there are some specific strategies that can help you. That’s especially true if you are not only a trainer but own the business. Here are the top five strategies most likely to make you successful, according to American Fitness Professionals and Associates: Recognize that fitness is an industry and a career. Set goals and work on them daily. Manage your time effectively. Prioritize education by putting it near the top of the list. Have a diet philosophy; fitness is about more than just exercise. These strategies essentially fall into three categories: goal setting, teaching/learning and business growth. Goal Setting If you want to take a journey, it’s a good idea to know where you’re going. To be a business success, you must first define what success means for you and then develop some specific strategies to achieve that success. You should also build in some measurable targets, so you know when you’ve arrived at the goal. Don’t forget to budget for these goals; there’s nothing worse than a missed opportunity because you didn’t have a financial reserve. Teaching/Learning To teach, you must first learn. That can mean anything from taking a class […] Read More

Tips for Improving Your Enthusiasm as a Fitness Coach

People’s definitions of a health enthusiast differ from one person to the next. For some, a health enthusiast is someone who goes to the gym every day. For others, it is a person who follows a strict diet and exercise routine. Some people don’t consider a person a health enthusiast unless he or she is a personal trainer of some sort. Truth is, though, anyone can be a health enthusiast. The only thing that matters is that you be enthusiastic about your health and be willing to take part in activities and a way of life that promotes optimal health. Here’s a quick look at several tips for improving your enthusiasm as a fitness coach! Tip #1: Mix It Up From time to time, it is important to change up your regular diet and exercise routine. This doesn’t mean you should binge on brownies or completely do away with exercising daily, but reminding yourself that living a healthy lifestyle can be fun is of the utmost importance. Excellent ways to change things up a bit are to try out healthy desserts, add in new forms of exercise, and to grab a friend and drag them along with you to the gym. […] Read More

3 Ways Supplements Can Help Clients Surpass New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are made with the best intentions. Many of these resolutions are quickly forgotten, excuses are made and the resolutions get pushed back. When you are working with clients helping them to get their lives on the healthy track, you don’t need them to fall into this trap. Educate them on all of the possible solutions to help them stick to their goals throughout the new year! Make an Investment One of the biggest issues with New Year’s resolutions is that people don’t make an investment in the resolution. It is really easy to make losing weight or getting healthy your resolution; however, it will be hard to keep the resolutions if no investment is made. When you are working with clients at the beginning of the new year, the top priority has to be getting them to invest in themselves. Clients who are working toward a weight loss goal can invest in supplements that are going to help them lose weight. Offer a Solution The solutions that you offer your clients should be ones that aren’t overly complex. Meratrim® is a solution for weight management that clients only need to take twice per day. There isn’t a […] Read More

Setting Clients Up For Success in 2017

The new year is a busy season for fitness coaches and personal trainers as many people take the new year as an opportunity to renew their fitness commitments. With countless plans and fitness strategies out there, how do you maximize results for all your clients? We’re starting with the fitness fundamentals to improve your client’s potential. Educate Your Client. Education is one of the top reasons why many fitness plans fall short of maximizing client results. Take time in your consultation to educate your client on how these few things affect overall fitness: Food. Fitness begins in the kitchen. Remind your client that no matter how much activity they perform every day, it can all be negated with a poor diet. Exercise. It’s no secret that exercise must be a major component to every fitness plan. Even if your client simply wants to maintain weight, they should still get 30 minutes of physical activity five days per week. Sleep. Rest and recovery are important. Studies show that people make better fitness choices when they are well-rested. Hydration. Most people don’t drink enough water. Encourage your client to cut the soda and sugary beverages, and increase the water intake as this […] Read More

Improving Hydration: Why and How?

How much water does one need to drink per day? This is a common question that health and fitness professionals hear all of the time. And the answer—it depends. Many sources will label a general one-size-fits-all answer, but the truth is that there are many factors that come into play. The next time your client or patient asks you this question, here are a few things to discuss. Ask The Right Questions. Although the commonly heard answer for proper hydration is eight glasses of water per day, it’s important to learn some information about your client or patient. Start by determining their weight. WebMD suggests that a half ounce to a full ounce per pound is adequate but can be adjusted based on other factors. Learn about their level of daily activity. Does your client or patient sit behind a desk all day, or are they working a physically demanding job that requires 8 hours of movement? Do they workout on a daily basis? Increased levels of activity will increase the amount of daily hydration needed. Do they find themselves constantly thirsty? Constant thirst or dry mouth are common initial signs of dehydration. How To Improve Hydration Levels in the […] Read More

Fitness Trends of 2017

It’s just about time to welcome the new year and a rush of new people looking to reach fitness goals. As a personal trainer or fitness professional, it’s important to stay on top of fitness trends to find and connect with potential clients. Here are three ways to help grow your network and reach new clients. On-Demand Fitness We live in a world of on-demand everything, and fitness is no exception to the trend. With countless fitness DVDs and thousands of fitness videos available online, there is a collection of videos that can appeal to nearly everyone. How can I take advantage of this? If you can’t beat them, join them! There will always be people who want to come to the gym for personal training sessions with 1-on-1 support from a professional. However, the trend of on-demand fitness seems to continue to grow. Create a few of your own fitness videos with your methods that have proven to be successful. You can either sell these videos or post them for free on popular streaming sites and collect the revenue! Live Streaming Fitness Many people are opting out of classes at the gym and bringing the class to their living […] Read More

7 Steps for Developing Health & Fitness Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. People are looking to make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to better themselves in some way. As their personal trainer, coach, or mentor, you will likely be part of the resolution-deciding process. This is a great opportunity to get a fresh start and work towards health and fitness goals in the new year. If you’re not sure where to start, continue reading for 7 steps for developing health and fitness resolutions Create manageable resolutions. The first step in developing health and fitness resolutions is to work with your client in finding something manageable. A huge part of many people abandoning their New Year’s resolution is because their goal was too lofty or there wasn’t an appropriate amount of time allotted to reach the goal. Talk through the ideas your client has for their resolutions and bring your own suggestions to the table as well. Together, you should be able to create manageable resolutions for the new year. Develop both tangible and intangible goals. Any resolution should have multiple goals attached to it. A key ingredient for success is being able to complete clear goals. Having both tangible and intangible goals is key, since there is […] Read More

What Does it Take to Burn Holiday Calories?

Tis the season for holiday parties and holiday treats. With all of the treats available, it can often seem impossible to stick to a healthy fitness routine. As a fitness expert, it’s important to be able to answer your client’s questions and help motivate them to make healthier decisions. One way to do that is by explaining what it takes to burn off the calories from these holiday favorites. Sugar Cookies. With over 100 calories per cookie, this holiday treat is far from an innocent treat. To help your client put this into perspective, explain to them what physical activity it takes to burn 100 calories. A few ways to burn 100 calories are moderate walking, squats, or pushups for 15 minutes. Eggnog. If we were to pick the most sneaky way that calories get into our diet, it’s in the form of liquids. And especially around the holidays, eggnog is no exception. Clocking in at over 200 per cup, a serving or two of eggnog can add up quick. Remind your client to be aware of empty calories in the form of holiday beverages. To burn off 200 calories, your client would either need to walk or go cycling […] Read More

Capitalizing on Financial Incentives for Better Health

Health and wellness can come without a huge price tag, a fact that many people make the mistake of doubting. If your health company can establish that it’s true, you will benefit from the loyalty of the financially savvy customer. And these days, more and more people are focusing on finances, particularly within the realm of health. So, how do you use financial incentives to encourage better health? Like many questions in the health industry, the answer begins with education. You must educate your patrons and help them discover the ways to save financially while improving their health. Here are just a few examples: Gym Membership – Several studies have found that people who paid more than $50 in gym membership attended fewer than five times each year. That’s $10+ each time. Gyms could change membership perspective by saying that a member should try to attend at least one time for every dollar spent. That way, the cost of membership is less than $1/day! Preventative Health – Doctor visits are expensive, even with insurance coverage. Being ill also means paying for medicine, potentially missing work, and losing income. Because of the financial risk, people should invest in preventative health measures […] Read More