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Rock Gyms Scale Other Fitness Trends

The gym addition of rock climbing walls came about in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, representing an exotic and unique challenge for those looking to train or simply get off of the typical machines. Indoor rock climbing was inspired by the outdoor predecessor, but with an added level of safety and a friendliness to beginners. Spotters worked for the gym and helped give pointers to those who had never tried to climb before. Handholds made routes up the wall clearer without reducing the challenge. Indoor Rock Climbing Benefits There are many benefits to indoor rock climbing which have encouraged its rising popularity among patrons and its increased presence in gyms across the country. Reduced Cost – An athlete needs only him or herself when making an indoor climb, as opposed to renting or buying expensive equipment, paying for gas to travel, or investing in park passes. Accessibility – With indoor rock climbing, one only needs to drive a handful of minutes to a local gym. Whereas, outdoor climbing requires participants to lug gear to a cliffside or mountain range that’s been deemed suitable and safe. Traditional climbers even have to hike several miles to reach a wall, rather than […] Read More

5 Healthy Ways to Treat Your Employees During the Holidays

The holidays are here and if you haven’t already, it’s time to plan ways to treat your employees for their hard work throughout the year. It can seem a bit overwhelming as a business owner or manager, but treating your employees for work well done is important! If you’re short on ideas right now, don’t worry! Here are 5 healthy ways to treat your employees: Gym Memberships. Nothing speaks to your employees about your concern for their well-being than providing them with a gym membership. Whether you choose a large chain with multiple locations or the gym down the street from your office, take into consideration your employees’ lifestyles. Do they commute very far? Do many of them already have gym memberships, and if they do, what kind of gift will you give in place of the company membership? This treat for your employees is useful and encourages a more healthy lifestyle. Team Classes. Organizing classes for your team is a fun way to encourage growth and develop deeper communication and understanding among individuals. For this type of holiday gift to work, it’s important for you to understand your team on some level. How would they respond to fitness or […] Read More

How to Build Success for Your Personal Training Business

Building a successful personal training business is no easy task. The health and fitness field is growing by leaps and bounds, with more and more people getting involved. This is great news, since we all want health and wellness for others, but it can make operating small businesses in the field a challenge. You are the expert, and your team of personal trainers are here to do great work for your clients and build a thriving business. If you are hitting a roadblock or are at the beginning stages of building your business, take a look at these suggestions to help bring you to the top: Become the ultimate source of knowledge for your clients. This may seem like a given, but we mean for you to dive even deeper. It’s really important for your clients to be able to come to you for confirmation or debunking of something they learned from another source. To be prepared, read popular publications in addition to professional journals. Keep up with all of the trends and fads and do your research on anything you don’t already know. When clients trust your expertise, they stick around and tell their friends. Engage your clients beyond […] Read More

5 Tips for Effective Gym Design

Are you looking to update your current gym design? Or are you starting from scratch as a new gym owner? Either way, the design of your gym is a critical part of whether it is successful or not. Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to their gym and thus take into consideration many factors when deciding where to go. Take the following tips into consideration as you work towards your goals as a gym owner as well as those of your customers: Consider New Colors. When designing your gym, the colors you use are very important. Currently, bright orange is a popular option as it conveys energy. While a fun and surprisingly versatile color, it’s important not to overdo it, as with any color. If you are looking for a color palette to explore, consider earth tones. Earth tones convey friendliness and are welcoming and highly versatile. Another option is a white palette, which looks clean, fresh, and is easy to add accenting color to. That being said, white is difficult to maintain, which is a key component of consideration as you design your gym. Keep it simple. We know that some gym spaces can feel tight […] Read More

Debunking 9 Myths From the Gym

As a personal trainer, you hear crazy things at the gym all day. Debunking myths heard around the gym can help your clients train better, see more results, and even help them prevent injury. Here are 9 common myths heard around the gym and what to tell your clients. Myth #1: “Duration trumps intensity.” Working out for an hour is always better than a half hour, right? Not necessarily. The intensity or activity is what matters. Myth #2: “Running is bad for you.” We’ve all heard people claiming that running is bad for the body. A recent study by Stanford University shows that knees of those who run are no less healthy than those who do not. Myth #3: “Runners only need to run.” There are always going to be the people who only come to the gym to run their few miles on the treadmill and head home. However, to stay healthy and prevent injury, it’s important for runners to switch up their routine and incorporate strength training as well. Myth #4: “Crunches lead to flat abs.” Contrary to what many gym rats believe, spending all session doing crunches isn’t the fast pass to flat abs. As a trainer, […] Read More

Maximizing Client Fitness Results

As a personal trainer, helping clients get the most out of their fitness is the name of the game. Through the winter months, many people will be heading to fitness facilities to work on their fitness and stay active. But what is the best approach to helping clients maximize results? Here’s what we recommend. Read More

Fall Inspiration For Your Fitness Clients

Fall is a wonderful time of year full of pumpkins, chai tea, changing leaves, and fun holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. It is a transitional season that can be a good catalyst for making positive changes. Below you will find some fall inspiration to help motivate your fitness clients to the next level or help new clients find a workout plan that fits their needs and goals. Read More

Creating a Weight Management Package

Every nutritional and supplement company needs a selection of weight management ingredients to build the best product. After all, everything is about weight loss. Whether your target demographic is 20-year-old athletes, 30-year-old stay at home parents, or retirees, losing weight is focused heavily as the key to a successful fitness regimen and healthier life. Doctors regularly point to weight loss as a step toward lowering the risk of major diseases and health problems, too. Read More

5 Nutrition Tips to Share with New Athletes

As a nutritional or health company, the relationship between the company and athletes is mutually beneficial. Athletes are a sizable target group to rally behind your products, and you help athletes improve their performance and take their skill set to the next level. Read More

Strengthen Your Client’s Immunity

Cold and flu season is in full effect! Falling ill can throw your clients off their fitness and health goals. To keep them on track and to help prepare them for cold and flu season, supply them with a supplement that contains OptiBerry® from InterHealth. OptiBerry® is a proprietary, multiple berry extract containing standardized levels of anthocyanins, which collectively provide “whole body” antioxidant protection. Read More