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Help Clients Maintain Blood Sugar and Stick to a Diet

Maintaining blood sugar is unarguably important for the daily function of the body, but did you know that low blood sugar is the #1 reason for health clients to break from their diet? Consider what you might’ve heard from previous customers. The word “hungry” most likely has arisen as a problem in a number of lost goals. Clients who have been trying to eat better, and many times less, find themselves hungry and fighting that hunger all day. Read More

What’s New with UC-ll®

Flexibility, mobility, and joint health are key factors in staying fit at any age and even more important for athletes who constantly work their body. After all, twisting, turning, jumping, and all other muscle movement require your muscles, ligaments, and joints to work in tandem. That’s why NeoCare decided to incorporate UC-ll® into its formula for Mobiflex®. Read More

The InterHealth Commitment to Product Safety

When it comes to creating health and diet supplements, the end product is only as good as the ingredients within. At InterHealth Nutraceuticals we understand this important truth, making it our mission to research, develop, and distribute only the best proprietary branded ingredients. Whether you are a manufacturing company looking to create a breakthrough product or a professional in the health and fitness industry looking for the best products to offer in your clinic, we have something for you! Read More

UC-II® for Joint Health

For clients suffering from joint discomfort, regular exercise can be a challenge! Without flexibility and movability, regular exercise like running and walking will be uncomfortable for your clients. Thinking about tougher workouts like HIIT, Bootcamp, etc. will be even more intimidating or impossible. It’s important to support the health of your client’s joints so that they are able to reach their long-term fitness goals comfortably and without the challenge of painful joints. Read More

Is Your Patient Suffering from a Zinc Deficiency?

While a majority of people are not suffering from a severe zinc deficiency, many people are unknowingly suffering from a mild one. A zinc deficiency presents itself in a variety of symptoms. Understanding the symptoms and signs can help you discover an unknown deficiency in your lifestyle patients!   Signs of Zinc Deficiency:   1) Weak Immunity Zinc is an essential mineral to maintain immune function. Without it, your client may fall ill more often than normal. It is also important to protect cell membranes, prevent the growth of cancer cells and more. Though these cannot be seen as easily, if your client seems to have a weak immune system, consider the possibility of a zinc deficiency.   2) Thinning Hair Hair loss or alopecia can be a symptom of a zinc deficiency. Thinning hair can be scary for both men and women. If your lifestyle patients complain about hair loss, look into their regular diet and see if they may be suffering from a lack of zinc.   3) Skin Issues Acne, eczema, and other common skin conditions could be connected to a diet deficient in zinc.   4) Energy Levels and Cognition If your patients complain of feeling […] Read More

Helping Patients Prep For Fall Allergies

Respiratory health is a growing concern for people all over the world. Seasonal allergies are commonly associated with spring, however, many people suffer from mold, ragweed, and other allergies after a long summer. With fall right around the corner, it’s time to think about what can be done to help minimize discomfort this allergy season. Here are a few suggestions for your patients with allergies this fall. Read More

Introducing Your Clients to Circuit Training

If your clients are trying to lose weight and increase their overall fitness level, but are having a hard time fitting in a regular workout, circuit training might be the perfect option for them. Circuit training workouts pack a lot of fitness benefits into a shorter amount of time, helping your clients get the most out of their workout time. Read on to learn more about the benefits of circuit training, and how to help your clients get started. Read More

An Alternative for Muscle Maintenance

Muscle performance and maintenance are critical for professional athletes and fitness amateurs alike. Finding an effective non-steroidal supplement can be a challenge, which is why we created ZMA®. Read More

Reaching Today’s Health Consumer Online

Today’s consumers are tech savvy and online more than ever. With an almost endless source of information available on the internet, consumers are able to find almost anything at the click of a mouse. Additionally, consumers are becoming more and more in tune with marketing trends and behaviors, sometimes aiming to “outsmart”. While this may seem daunting to anyone in the saturated health industry, it can actually be used to our benefit. Take advantage of the online resources within your grasp to help bolster your health business and reach today’s health consumer online.   Read More

Meratrim®: A Waist-Slimming Ingredient

Consumers are constantly bombarded by advertisements for fad diets that come with empty promises of losing weight and inches overnight. We all know that these rarely ever work, but unfortunately too many people fall victim to the hype. This is why we set out to create a better option with Meratrim®. Read More