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Curb Cravings with Super CitriMax®

We all experience food cravings, and we’ve all given in to those cravings from time to time. However, when giving in to these cravings starts to undermine weight loss or weight management, it’s time to take back control. If your clients have a hard time saying no to temptation, there are steps they can take to stay on track. Here are a few simple ways they can conquer cravings and stay committed to their goals: Read More

Support Healthy Retirement with UC-II® for Joint Health

According to a recent article from the University of Sydney, retirement is good for your health. This article reveals that retirees are more active, less stressed, and get a higher quality of sleep. Many female retirees also stopped smoking. With retirees, there is a great opportunity to enhance their healthy retirement with supplements that encourage movement and being active. With a more active lifestyle, it’s important to support the health of their joints. UC-II® from InterHealth is the best available ingredient to support joint comfort, movement, and flexibility. Retirees who supplement for joint comfort can increase their activity levels and enjoy every activity in their retirement.   Clinically Studied & Patented Processing UC-II® from InterHealth is different from other ingredients for joint health. UC-II® is undenatured type II collagen that is extracted from the chicken sternum. It is manufactured in the United States through a patented, low-temperature, non-enzymatic process. This specialized, patented process maintains the highest quality of undenatured type II collagen. Like all other ingredients from InterHealth, UC-II® has been studied and clinically tested for efficacy, safety and quality.   Low Dosage Glucosamine pills are the most common ingredients in joint supplements today. With glucosamine tablets, consumers have to […] Read More

Boost Memory with Better Fitness and UC-ll®

Whether you are 28 or 82 years old, the memories you hold are very important to who you are as a person. Not to mention that mental retention plays a key role in everyday functioning like work, school, or something as simple as remembering a grocery shopping list. Keeping one’s memory sharp is something that your clients can relate to and another way for your business to offer more than your competition in the health and fitness industry.   Memory is actually strongly tied with physical health. The better physical health, the more likely a person’s memory is solid, too. When the mind begins to become dull, the body may not receive the care it needs. So when your clients (especially those with aging concerns) approach you for information on health and vitality, don’t skip out on the importance of memory!   Offer tips along these lines to help your clients’ minds stay sharp:   Prioritize Weight Loss – Excess weight has been linked to an increased risk of dementia later on in life. One theory is that extra pounds reduce the heart’s blood-pumping efficiency, supplying less blood to all regions (including the brain). Studies have also shown that women […] Read More

Talking To Patients About Blood Sugar

Nowadays, people are bombarded with conflicting information regarding health and fitness. And although there are many opinions on how to get healthy, blood sugar levels are one area in which most health professionals agree that people should monitor more closely. If there is a concern for your patient’s blood sugar health, it’s important to handle the conversation with care while expressing the facts. Here are a few tips on how to discuss blood sugar health with your patients.   Explaining the importance of blood sugar health. . First of all, it’s important for your patient to understand why maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is so necessary. Most people know that unhealthy blood sugar levels can lead to diseases like diabetes over time. What many people do not know, is that diabetes is a deceptive, sneaky disease. The symptoms aren’t always obvious, and often patients can have it for years before they realize it. Increased blood sugar can damage the blood vessels throughout the body, even when symptoms are not yet present.     Suggesting ways to keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range. There is plenty of scary news that comes with blood sugar health and diabetes, but […] Read More

2016 is Zinc’s Time to Shine

What do you know about zinc? This mineral seems to be overshadowed by popular minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. That is slowly changing. Zinc has been emerging from the shadows and gaining more deserved attention since 2012. According to an article from Nutrition Outlook, in 2016, the supplementation of this important mineral is expected to increase in demand. As researchers begin to learn more about the importance of Zinc in every aspect of the body, consumers are looking to find quality, safe supplements to support their healthy and active lifestyles.   In the past, zinc was only considered important for the health of the immune system, but new research has found that zinc is vital for: Cognitive function Reproductive health and fertility in men and women Muscle recovery, strength, and power Cardiovascular health Diabetes prevention Mood elevation Quality sleep Healthy energy levels   These findings have researchers and consumers more curious about zinc and in need of supplements that are absorbable, safe, and effective. Zinc can be found naturally in meat, leafy greens, and some nuts. However, the zinc derived from meatless sources (leafy greens, nuts) is less bio-available and more challenging for the body to absorb, causing a […] Read More

5 Tips for Health Coaching Communication

A fitness and health coach has a responsibility and passion to help clients reach their personal goals, which usually include some form of weight management or loss. Because every client has slightly different goals, a specific starting weight, and a unique fitness profile, it’s paramount to observe and communicate alongside instruction. Educating a person about body mechanics and food groups, for instance, is only the beginning. So for those in the health coaching business or those aiming to incorporate coaching into their health-driven company, here are five tips for better health coaching communication: Relate to First Time and Potential Clients – Coaches are people, too. Even a health coach has experienced struggle and achievement, even if not in the specific way a client will. Be approachable and find additional, authentic ways to relate to your clients. In this way you’re already connecting with them, and they will feel more encouragement and respect for you. Set the Expectations – Once a person has signed up for your fitness program, initiate communication with a detailed schedule or map of what he or she can expect. If your client can visually see the expectation and goals laid out, they are more likely to […] Read More

When Clients Need a New Exercise Routine

A new exercise routine can be intimidating, but everyone starts somewhere. Whether the ultimate goal is weight management or heart health, some people need a little bit of extra information to ignite their inner fire and take that first crucial step toward success. So when new clients come to you for answers, inspiration, and encouragement, as well as a product or service, be prepared to offer advice on how best to begin and achieve results. Are you ready to give client advice on a new routine? If you yourself have been active consistently for a long time, it may be difficult to recall the hurdles you overcame. Remember and share these key ideas: No Weight is Too Small – Just because the instructor or person working out next to you is using 50 lb weights or benching 200+ lbs, that doesn’t mean it’s expected or necessary for results. If you can only bench the bar or curl 5 lbs, that’s okay. You will gradually increase the weight to challenge yourself as time goes on. Embrace Feeling Sore – There’s a good and bad sore. Make sure your clients understand the difference, but emphasize that feeling the good kind means that […] Read More

Supplement Use in Four Consumer Types

With the power of the internet, people can research and learn about healthy living more than ever before. In the past few years, consumers have been turning to self-care and a natural approach for ailments before moving to the pharmaceutical industry. This natural approach to healthcare is why the supplement industry continues to grow rapidly. People want to maintain their health and visit the doctor less. Consumers research their products and ingredients to find the supplements that work the best for their needs.   The growing use of supplements is being seen among everyone, but the four following consumers tend to be heavy purchasers of supplements. Continue reading to learn more about each consumer and the type of supplements they look to purchase. Body Builders Body builders are different from other types of fitness fanatics. Bodybuilders look to show off their muscles, become more defined, and are as worried about the appearance of their muscles as they are about the strength of their body. For body builders, they want a supplement that promotes steady muscle growth, strength, and a quick recovery. Many bodybuilders utilize the a supplement containing ZMA®. ZMA® is a non-steroidal supplement for muscle support. It increases testosterone […] Read More

5 Habits for Successful Health Coaches

Becoming a health coach is an amazing way to help people improve their quality of life. Being able to help people achieve optimal health and happiness is a very rewarding experience. If these are the reasons you are considering becoming a health coach, you are pursuing a great career path. Becoming a successful health coach, however, does come with its challenges. Like any other entrepreneurial business, you will have to put in a lot of time, energy, money, and passion to create a profitable health coaching career. Here are five habits of successful health coaches that could influence your business and career. Take Care of Yourself First As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to lose yourself in your work. You may start pouring all your energy into your company and fail to take care of your health. Before you get bogged down in the stress of building your health coaching business, be sure to implement a way to check yourself and maintain your own healthy habits. Be sure to eat nutrient dense food. Don’t fall into the trap of food for convenience. Remember that every time you eat, you are either nurturing your body or harming it. Feed your […] Read More

Physical Activity Guidelines for Good Health

Studies show that most American adults don’t get the recommended amount of weekly activity. This can be a result of busy schedules or simply a lack of desire. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans as posted on health.gov suggests that without adding physical activity to an inactive lifestyle, the risk of obesity and disease is greatly increased. The good news is that by understanding a few recommendations, adding a small amount of daily activity can significantly improve health and wellness. Let’s take a look. What qualifies as “physical activity?” In general, physical activity refers to any type of movement. Any movement, no matter how small that may be, burns calories and enhances health. The amount and intensity of the movement, however, is broken into two categories: baseline activity and health-enhancing activity. Baseline Activity. By simply going through the daily routine, most people are getting some sort light physical activity. Standing, walking, and carrying the groceries are all considered this type of activity. Although it’s important to increase your baseline activity to improve health, it’s not as easy to measure as the next type of physical activity. Health-Enhancing Activity. The Physical Activity Guidelines suggest that health-enhancing activity is an activity that […] Read More