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Treadmill Incline for Fitness Clients

Treadmill incline workouts are a great way to help your clients switch up their old routine at the gym. By encouraging different exercises for cardio, you’re helping your client gain strength, mobility, and flexibility all over their body. Explain the benefits of walking up a steep treadmill incline and have them replace their elliptical exercises or treadmill runs! Read More

Employee Health Tips to Increase Productivity

Creating a healthy work environment can be the key to keeping your employees focused and productive during the workweek. Active breaks and ergonomic features throughout the office can make a distinct difference in your employee health. Take a look at a few different ways you can keep your employees happy and healthy. Read More

Jumpstart Your Product Marketing Through Customer Education

Whether you are creating a new health product or are trying to revamp an old one, developing an engaging marketing message around that product is important. This can be done in several ways, but there is an underlying facet that is often overlooked: customer education. Not only do your customers want a great product, they want to understand it. They also want to understand you, the brand, the business, the manufacturer; everything associated with the product. In the health industry, this is especially true. Today’s savvy health consumer already has a broad knowledge-base, but they want to know what you bring to the table. What sets you apart? What can I learn from you? How can I benefit from purchasing your product? Read More

Tips for Getting Your Health Product on Store Shelves

When you have a quality health product, getting it in front of people is an important way to increase sales. If you have a smaller market presence or are just starting out with your business, this could be difficult. We’ve got a few tips to help get you started on creating a plan to help get your health product on store shelves.    Read More

Talking about Weight Loss with Your Client

Weight loss is a sensitive subject. Even though your client has come to you so you can help them lose weight, it can still be a difficult topic to discuss in depth. Here are some tips for discussing weight loss goals and challenges with your clients: Read More

Simple Ways to Help Your Clients Stay Motivated

A solid workout routine and a healthy, balanced diet both play an important role when it comes to supporting weight loss, but they aren’t the only factor! Motivation is a crucial component to your client’s weight loss success. Here are some simple ways to help your weight loss clients stay motivated to reach their goals: Read More

A Guide to Helping Clients with High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, aka high blood pressure, can lead to stroke or heart attack. In fact, 7 in 10 adults are at a greater risk due to lack of physical activity and poor eating habits. Even among the younger generations, high blood pressure affects overall health in a negative way. Therefore, many people are searching for answers on how to lower blood pressure. Because your brand, company, or clinic operates in the health industry, you are one of the sources those people will seek for help. Read More

The Collagen Trend: How It’s Benefiting Your Clients (UC-II®)

Clients want a magical supplement that does it all. From smoothing out their wrinkles to helping them lose weight. Most of the time, you have to deliver the unfortunate reality that health supplements are specific and target only one or two related health concerns. However, manufacturers have begun producing new supplements with what many dub a “miracle” ingredient: collagen. Read More

Help Clients Have a Healthy Family

Are your lifestyle clients concerned about the health of their entire family? Have they asked you how they can increase the activity levels in their family and support the health of their spouse and their kids? We have several tips that will help you help your clients. Living a healthy lifestyle at home and encouraging a healthy family will help your clients reach their goals. Read More

Understanding the Growing Market for Heart Health Support

Fish oils and other Omega-3’s have long been a contender in the nutrition market. Back in 2011, it was the 5th leading supplement category, being worth just over $3 Billion globally. The first and still reigning contender is the multivitamin. However, heart health supplements are gaining fast. In fact, some nutritional experts believe that the market for heart health has grown too rapidly, leading to an increased number of supplements that simply don’t stand up to the quality expected by consumers. Read More