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UC-II® – A Top Joint Health Ingredient for Your Supplement

UC-II® is a new patented supplement that helps to support joint health while improving flexibility and mobility. The powerful supplement only requires one daily dose of 40 mg which helps set it apart from competitors. Compared to glucosamine and chondroitin, UC-II® is far more effective in treating joint pain and consistently outperforms these competitors in clinical trials. The secret to UC-II is the patented collagen made of undenatured type II collagen. The patented collagen used is manufactured inside the United States. UC-II uses a formulated and patented technique combining low temperatures with a non-enzymatic process. The type of collagen used is derived from chicken sternum cartilage. The efficacy of this cartilage has been tested in four different clinical trials. In the most recent study conducted to compare the benefits of UC-II to those of the popular glucosamine and chondroitin, often taken for joint pain, a research lab gathered 191 participants. The participants were all suffering from some sort of keen pain associated with knee osteoarthritis, or OA. The 191 participants were randomly split up into three groups. The first group received UC-II once daily in a 40 mg dose. The second group received glucosamine and chondroitin once daily in a […] Read More

Strengthen Your Client’s Immunity

Cold and flu season is in full effect! Falling ill can throw your clients off their fitness and health goals. To keep them on track and to help prepare them for cold and flu season, supply them with a supplement that contains OptiBerry® from InterHealth. OptiBerry® is a proprietary, multiple berry extract containing standardized levels of anthocyanins, which collectively provide “whole body” antioxidant protection. Read More

2015 IRI Scan Data Shows UC-ll® Joint Health Growth

Joint relief has long been a primary sector within the health supplement marketplace. It was one of the original benefits suggested and offered alongside daily vitamins, and the sector has grown ever since. In fact, joint relief claims the highest price per unit, driving a higher return on inventory investment. Recently, however, joint health has lost its competitive edge and fallen under the radar in the supplement industry. Read More

Treadmill Incline for Fitness Clients

Treadmill incline workouts are a great way to help your clients switch up their old routine at the gym. By encouraging different exercises for cardio, you’re helping your client gain strength, mobility, and flexibility all over their body. Explain the benefits of walking up a steep treadmill incline and have them replace their elliptical exercises or treadmill runs! Read More

The Importance of Flexibility Training

For many of your clients, their fitness goals extend well beyond simply losing weight. Often, they also want to feel better, too. Of course, increased stamina and strength can play an instrumental role in improving overall health and well-being. However, it is also important to include flexibility training as part of any regular fitness routine. Flexibility training offers its own unique range of benefits, while also supporting a healthier and more active lifestyle. Here are just a few of the ways that flexibility training can benefit your clients: Read More

UC-ll® Maintains Growth in Joint Health Sector in 2016

IRI scan data from 2015 showed that UC-ll® had unprecedented growth in the joint health sector of the supplement and vitamin marketplace. In fact, that growth was at 61% over a 52 week period, far outperforming the general joint health market which declined by 15%. Though glucosamine and chondroitin still dominated, UC-ll® was predicted to grow even more as a contender due to its small, single dose requirement. Read More

UC-II® for Joint Health

For clients suffering from joint discomfort, regular exercise can be a challenge! Without flexibility and movability, regular exercise like running and walking will be uncomfortable for your clients. Thinking about tougher workouts like HIIT, Bootcamp, etc. will be even more intimidating or impossible. It’s important to support the health of your client’s joints so that they are able to reach their long-term fitness goals comfortably and without the challenge of painful joints. Read More

UC-II® Tops Charts for Joint Health Supplements

After a year of low sales for the supplement industry, growth is starting to be seen across many vitamin and supplemental products. As health and wellness trends and preventative care take a front seat in the healthcare industry, consumers are turning towards supplements to help them reach desired health goals set by themselves and doctors. In particular, InterHealth ingredient UC-II® has seen tremendous growth over the past few month and is quickly becoming an industry leader. Rise in Supplement Category Over the past 12 weeks, the vitamin category has grown 5% in sales, according to the Jan. 4, 2016, Chain Drug Review. An increase in health-related trends and PR has shown consumers the positive benefits of adding supplements and vitamins to their daily diets. Another contributing factor is the push for knowledge of supplements and vitamins before taking them. Stores are continuing to alter their presentation of supplements as well as offer in-depth insight into what specific supplements and vitamins are made of and can do for potential buyers. This helps in building trust with the consumer while encouraging them to try new items. UC-II Leading in Sales Interhealth UC-II® is a joint supplement that has given consumers the opportunity to […] Read More