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Debunk These Health Myths with Your Clients

Weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle can be very confusing. People are getting contradicting information about health and wellness from every possible source. How do people know what’s right, what’s outdated, or what information is actually applicable to their lifestyle? Have a conversation about the following topics with your clients. We’ve have info you need to debunk these myths!

Myth 1: Eating fat makes you fat.

It seems simple to say that “fatty foods will make you fat,” but that is misleading. Healthy fats in moderation are essential to a balanced diet. They can be found in wonderful foods such as coconut oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Processed fats are found in french fries, potato chips, and other overly processed or fried foods. It’s not the “fat” per se, it’s the type and amount of fat consumed that can cause problems with weight loss and weight gain.


Myth 2: All carbs are equal.

This is a contradictory statement. In moderation, carbs are an important part of everyone’s diet. However, eating an apple with carbohydrates is different that eating a doughnut with carbohydrates. All carbs are not equal. Your body will digest these carbs in a different way and processed, simple carbohydrates, like a donut, can trigger cravings for more empty carbohydrates.


Myth 3: “Gluten free” is healthy.

Many people fall into the “gluten-free” fad of dieting. Gluten-free isn’t a weight loss regime. Gluten affects people differently. A majority of people can digest gluten without any problems. There are people, however, who have preexisting issues with the regenerative abilities of their intestines. This is what celiacs and people with “gluten sensitivities” suffer from. If you don’t have these preexisting conditions, you can digest gluten and you can benefit from whole wheat, rye, and barley. These foods have essential vitamins and minerals for a well-rounded diet.


Myth 4: Microwaving is bad.

Don’t fear the microwave. Microwaving food gets a bad reputation. It doesn’t kill the nutritional value in all foods. There haven’t been enough extensive studies to prove what foods are actually harmed by the microwave. Ultimately, the microwave is a quick and effective way to warm up healthy leftovers. Don’t choose an unhealthy packaged lunch to avoid warming up your homemade leftovers!


Myth 5: Spot training sheds fat.

Spot training specific areas on the body doesn’t automatically shed fat in that area. Weight loss happens slowly all over the body. Spot training can firm and tone different areas on the body, but it won’t change the amount of fat in that area. Weight loss will always be a total body experience.


Going over these five popular myths with your clients will help them better understand how they should approach their weight loss journey. Everyone should think critically about weight loss and learn what approaches work best for them. It’s important that we begin to understand that the same approach will not work for everyone and that there is a lot of information out that there that isn’t accurate.


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