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Debunking 9 Myths From the Gym

As a personal trainer, you hear crazy things at the gym all day. Debunking myths heard around the gym can help your clients train better, see more results, and even help them prevent injury. Here are 9 common myths heard around the gym and what to tell your clients.

Myth #1: “Duration trumps intensity.”

Working out for an hour is always better than a half hour, right? Not necessarily. The intensity or activity is what matters.

Myth #2: “Running is bad for you.”

We’ve all heard people claiming that running is bad for the body. A recent study by Stanford University shows that knees of those who run are no less healthy than those who do not.

Myth #3: “Runners only need to run.”

There are always going to be the people who only come to the gym to run their few miles on the treadmill and head home. However, to stay healthy and prevent injury, it’s important for runners to switch up their routine and incorporate strength training as well.

Myth #4: “Crunches lead to flat abs.”

Contrary to what many gym rats believe, spending all session doing crunches isn’t the fast pass to flat abs. As a trainer, you understand the value of proper nutrition and mixing fitness activities when it comes to achieving a more fit physique. Encourage your clients to change up their activity and put more healthy foods on their plate.

Myth #5: “Rest is for the weak.”

Plain and simple, recovery matters. Giving the muscles (and mind) a scheduled recovery day is incredibly important, as that is when the body repairs the damage done to the muscles during the workout.

Myth #6: “More sweat means more burned calories.”

Although sweat is often a sign of your body working hard, more sweat doesn’t necessarily mean that more calories have been burned. Sweat is the body’s way of simply regulating temperature.

Myth #7: “Weightlifting makes you bulk up.”

While weights play a major role in strength conditioning, it’s important to note that lifting weights does not automatically make someone bulk up. Lower weights with higher reps can help tone muscles and build strength without the bulky look.

Myth #8: “Stretching leads to faster recovery.”

Many of us grew up with the notion that you are supposed to stretch before and after all physical activity. Although a good stretch after activity feels good, it doesn’t necessarily lead to faster recovery.

Myth #9: “Supplements don’t work.”

Many people have the idea that supplements can’t help them reach their health and fitness goals. At InterHealth we have designed several products that are proving otherwise. When trying to help your clients succeed in achieving their goals, we recommend suggesting a supplement containing Meratrim®. Studies have shown that Meratrim® is 4x more effective than diet and exercise alone. Learn more about our patented product Meratrim® on our website or by calling 1-800-783-4636 today!

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