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In the United States about 20% of Americans get less than six hours of sleep per night, two hours less than the recommended eight. That’s 14 hours of missed sleep per week, which can lead to fatigue, increased risk of disease, driving or machinery related accidents, and more. Many of your patients could be suffering from lack of sleep and helping them identify issues that may be correlated with their lack of sleep could help them get back on track to hitting that eight hour goal. There are a variety of sleep aids that people can take to help them relax and get to bed at a decent time. InterHealth’s ingredient Seditol® helps support healthy sleep patterns, relaxation, and reduce fatigue.


Plant-based Blend

Seditol® is a proprietary, plant-based blend of Magnolia Officinalis bark and Ziziphus Spinosa seed. Magnolia Officinalis bark can be used to decrease anxiety and nervous tension as well as improve sleep. Ziziphus Spinosa seed helps promote sleep and relaxation. This seed has been used for over 3000 years to help people relax and sleep. Combined, they create a relaxing and sleepy effect, making falling asleep within an hour smooth and simple.


Benefits of Seditol®

Loss of sleep can lead to a variety of unhealthy behaviors and health conditions. Some of these health issues can include hypertension, depression, obesity, diabetes, reduced quality of life and productivity, and increased risk of death. Sleep is a pivotal time for you brain to recharge. While your body is at rest, your brain is hard at work, re-energizing and strengthening its ability to concentrate and make decisions. Seditol® should be taken an hour before going to bed to begin the relaxation process of sleep.


Seditol® & Nightly Rituals

Like many other sleep aids, there are other recommended ways to help your patients relax and get a good night of sleep. Some recommendations you could give your clients are progressive relaxation, where one tightens and then releases their muscles and focusing on breathing. Another tip is to turn off all electronics about an hour before going to bed. Fast images and bright lights stimulate the brain to keep it awake, so by eliminating all electronics the brain has the time to slow and relax before going to bed, providing the patient with better sleep. Planning a time a few hours before bed to think through worries or stressful events taking place in patient’s lives also can help relieve their stress before going to bed. Recommend that they write their thoughts down, that way they know they won’t forget what they are thinking but allow their brain to let go of having to remember them since they are now written down.
Seditol® is an easy and quick solution for your patients to get their full eight hours of sleep each night. Helping them understand the benefits of a full night of sleep can transform their lives, keeping them healthy and strong. If you are interested in learning more about Seditol® head over to www.interhealthusa.com or give us a call at 1-800-783-4636.

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