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Helping Clients Manage Stress with Relora®

We all experience stress in our lives. Even a positive life change such as being promoted into an exciting new role at work can cause stress. While stress is a normal part of daily life, it can begin to interfere with our daily routines. Fortunately, there are things we can do to manage our stress levels. If you have a client who is looking for some healthy ways to manage their stress, we have a few simple suggestions to get them started:

Practice Meditation

Meditation has been used for centuries to relax both the mind and the body. One of the best things about meditation is that your clients can practice it just about anywhere. Encourage your clients to spend a few minutes each day in a quiet, comfortable spot. Tell them to focus their attention on their breathing, or on a certain word or phrase that they find calming. Meditating allows your clients to focus on positive, calming thoughts and gives them a mental break from their everyday stressors.


Be Active

The benefits of exercise are more than just physical! Regular exercise has mood-boosting benefits as well. Recommend to your clients that they spend even just 30 minutes each day doing physical activity. If they aren’t ready to take on a more intense exercise routine, simple movement such as a walk around their neighborhood can still be beneficial.


Stay Rested

Lack of sleep can take a major toll on our mood. It’s likely that your clients lead busy lifestyles, and often a good night’s sleep takes a backseat to other responsibilities. If your clients are having trouble getting enough rest, suggest the following:

  • Avoid drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages in the evening. A warm cup of decaffeinated tea before bedtime is a more relaxing choice.
  • Stick to a more consistent routine, and try to go to sleep at the same time each night.
  • If your client takes a nap during the day, suggest that they do so earlier in the day rather than closer to bedtime.


Eat Well

We might not always think of diet as something that impacts our stress levels, but a healthy, balanced diet can actually help us manage stress. Eating well can help your clients feel more energetic and able to cope with stress. Encourage your clients to eat a nutritious, balanced diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.


By implementing these simple changes, your clients will feel healthier and more empowered to manage stress. A supplement containing Relora® from InterHealth can provide additional support. Relora® was shown in three published clinical studies to decrease stress and transitory anxiety, and improve mood scores. Learn more about the benefits of Relora® by visiting our website, or by contacting InterHealth at 1-800-783-4636.


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