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How to Enhance Your Client Meetings

Get the most of your meetings with your health and fitness clients. It’s important to understand their goals, their wants, their limitations, and their lifestyles. Learning the right questions to ask can improve your ability to train them and create a better experience with you as their trainer. Asking these six questions can help you better understand your client, their goals and what you can do as their life coach to encourage health and wellness in their life.

1) Major Risk

First, ask about any major risk factors in their medical history. Do they have diabetes? Have they suffered a heart attack, had bypass surgery, had extreme chest discomfort (shortness of breath), hypertension, fainting, swelling, stroke, depression, drug allergies, etc. Asking these questions first and foremost will help you get a better understanding of their general health.


2) Lifestyleenhance_client_meetings

Next, ask your clients about their normal lifestyle. Look at their typical week. What do they eat? How often do they eat out? Where do they choose to dine? Are they trying to feed an entire family or only one or two people? How does food impact their workday? Do they maintain an active lifestyle? Are they walking a lot or going to the gym when possible?


It is also important to ask about their weekend lifestyle. Do they eat out every weekend? Do they go out drinking? How many alcoholic beverages do they consume on average? Do they exercise on the weekend? Do they like to do weekend activities like hiking or biking with the family?


3) Fun Activities

That conversation about weekend activities can lead into a conversation about fun activities that they enjoy. Do they like to swim, fish, bike, play recreational sports, garden, work on cars, etc. What are your clients’ hobbies? What do they like to do in the spare time? If you can incorporate fitness into these activities, it can enhance their activity level while not taking time away from the things they enjoy doing.


4) Supplements

Next, ask about any supplements they might be taking. This can be anything from a probiotic, specific vitamin and mineral supplements, or a multivitamin. During this time, help your client understand the importance of supplementing their healthy lifestyle with nutrients that their diet may be lacking. At InterHealth, we specialize in creating effective, safe, and quality health ingredients. Adding our ingredients to your weight loss and fitness supplements can improve the results for your clients during their weight loss experience. Learn more about our available ingredients from our website.


5) Fears, Worries

Ask your clients about their fears and worries. This can be anything about worrying they will fail on their diet, fears about not having enough time to dedicate to the gym, or worrying that they will have trouble getting their friends and family to accept their choice to be healthier. Understanding their fears will give you the ability to assist them in overcoming these worries and focusing on their long-term goals.


6) Goals

Lastly, ask your clients about their goals. What do they want from a healthy lifestyle? Do they want more energy, more strength, a more fit body? Do they want to address any specific health issues? How can different diet choices impact health differently? If you know exactly what your clients want, you will be able to help them more effectively and efficiently. As they start seeing the results they want and expect they will trust you to continually guide them toward fitness success.


To learn more about InterHealth ingredients and how our ingredients can improve the lifestyles for your weight loss and fitness clients, visit our website, or call us at 1-800-783-4636 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives. You can always email us at info@interhealthusa.com or submit a contact form. We are excited to work with you and help progress the health of your clients!


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