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Improving Athletic Performance and Recovery with ZMA®

Athletes have incredible determination and an ability to motivate themselves each and every day, but that doesn’t mean they don’t use outside guidance and advice. Some even have a designated trainer to help them prepare for a big marathon, game, or competition.

If you act as an information source for an athlete, you’re taking on a large role in their ultimate success. Because of that, you want to do everything in your power to improve their athletic performance. Read below on a few ways to accomplish just that!


Understanding Muscle Soreness

As a trainer, you know that muscle soreness after a workout isn’t a bad thing; it’s not the same as pain or injury. Muscle soreness is the result of a collection of tiny tears in muscle fibers due to a challenging workout. When those fibers recover, the extra tissue increases muscle mass and power. It’s an incredible process. However, it is also often a confusing process for athletes. How much soreness is optimal? What if a workout doesn’t result in sore muscles? Etc.


It’s important to stress that muscle soreness isn’t directly proportional to muscle growth, nor a sign of a “good” workout. The soreness tends to taper off after a new workout routine turns into a consistent habit because the body becomes accustomed to it. That doesn’t make it any less effective as a workout framework. However, this is the point at which you’ll want to switch an athlete’s core workout regime to keep them at peak performance.


Understanding Muscle Recovery

Soreness, while a useful measure of a workout routine, isn’t as useful in daily life or for the part-time athlete. As a trainer, you can help your clients reduce the soreness by advocating the following:


  • Intermittent Cardio – Keeping the blood flowing within and between workouts helps the muscles recover more quickly.
  • Carbohydrate and Protein Intake – Carbohydrates help muscle fibers store more water and proteins help muscles rebuild.
  • Steam Room – This is another way to increase blood flow, encouraging the uptake of more nutrients.
  • Icing – Direct icing of muscles reduces inflammation and soreness.
  • Stretching – Help muscle fibers loosen after microtears and repair. Also stretch prior to a workout to keep the amount of tearing to a medium level.


ZMA® for a Performance and Recovery Boost

Want to give your athletes a step up over their competition? ZMA® is a health supplement that increases testosterone levels, thereby aiding muscle regeneration and overall strengthening. In fact, clinical studies showed that it produced four times more muscle strength than a placebo! To find out more about this non-steroidal muscle support ingredient and how it can benefit your clients, call InterHealth at 1-800-783-4636.

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