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Maintaining Zinc Levels With L-OptiZinc®

Health and nutrition can be challenging and intimidating for many people. To many people, the numerous vitamins and nutrients, along with their effects on the body, are confusing. The role that Zinc plays in the body is often overlooked by focusing on the other nutrients, but it’s equally important. Here are a few points to discuss with your patient.

How Zinc affects the body.

As a medical practitioner, you likely know the importance of maintaining healthy levels of each different vitamin and mineral in the body, but your patient may not. Many people have a little bit of knowledge regarding the popular nutrients like vitamins A and C but are not yet educated on Zinc. For most healthy adults, the recommended daily amount of Zinc is 11mg for men and 8mg for women.

Explain signs and concerns caused by Zinc deficiency. Although cases are rare in North America, Zinc deficiency is still a concern. Hair loss, loss of appetite, decreasing awareness, and diarrhea are all signs that patients should be aware of that they can detect at home. Also, studies are now being conducted to research the effect that Zinc has on the immune system.

Is your patient at risk?

With most of America getting their share of Zinc in their diet, deficiency is often overlooked by the general public. Although it can truly happen to anyone, there are certain people that may be more at risk. If your patient has a history of digestive disorders, sickle cell disease, alcoholism, or is a vegetarian, inform them of the possible risks and what they may be able to do to make sure they are getting enough Zinc.

Adding Zinc into your patient’s diet.

If you have performed any blood tests, it’s likely that you have an idea of your patient’s diet. If not, ask your patient to describe their typical eating patterns. Oysters are the Zinc all stars but aren’t typically on the everyday menu. Red meat, beans, poultry, nuts, and seafood are all good sources of Zinc that are worth recommending. Just like any other vitamin or mineral, too much Zinc is not optimal. If your patient is eating these foods regularly and is experiencing vomit, nausea, or diarrhea on a regular basis, it may be worth testing for excess Zinc levels.

Like with any other nutrient, maintaining healthy Zinc levels can be a challenge for many people, especially those living busy lives. This is why we recommend L-OptiZinc®. L-OptiZinc®’s superior absorption and retention over other forms of Zinc may help increase its health-promoting benefits as these benefits are highly dependent on the amount of zinc that actually is absorbed and utilized by the body. Learn more about L-OptiZinc® on our website or by calling 1-800-783-4636 today.

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