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Promoting Patient’s Mental Health

When we think of health and wellness, physical health typically comes to mind first. However, mental health plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. When your patient is expressing concerns about their daily mood, stress, or anxiety, try suggesting a few of these tips.

Keep a Daily Journal.

When your patient talks to you about their concerns of the daily stress levels or their overall mental health, suggest that they keep a daily journal. Writing is an excellent way to decompress thoughts and keep track of how things are affecting our mental health. Studies suggest that writing can help calm people down and may even contribute to improving memory. Keeping a detailed log of daily physical activity, food choices, sleep, emotions, and even the daily weather is a great way to keep track of how outside factors contribute to mental health.


Adjust Daily Schedules.

Once your patient gets into the pattern of keeping a daily journal, that will provide more insight as to what adjustments can be made to help improve conditions. Encourage the patient to review the journal weekly and make small changes if they notice negative trends. When possible, suggest that they reduce activities that tend to have an adverse effect on their mood.


Breathing Exercises.

Sometimes, all it takes is a few moments to step away from a situation and breathe to turn things around. If your patient discusses stressful situations throughout their day, suggesting that taking slow, long, deep breaths can help calm them down and recompose.


Physical Activity.

Exercise does more than just help with the waistline. Research shows that physical activity releases endorphins that help us feel better. Even if it’s just a simple 20-minute daily walk, your patient might benefit from adding a little physical activity.


Tracking Sleep.

How much sleep is your patient getting? While everyone’s needs may differ, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommends seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Too little sleep can leave people overtired and overstressed while too much sleep can have adverse effects as well. If they say they are getting enough sleep, but always feel tired, suggest that they try sleeping without a television or other electronics devices nearby. Your patient may also benefit from a fitness tracker that can track their quality of sleep.


In addition to the tips above, we recommend Relora® to promote better mood and mental health. Relora® was shown in three published clinical studies to decrease stress, decrease transitory anxiety, and improve mood scores. Unpublished preclinical research suggests that Magnolia officinalis binds to many neurochemical receptors that are involved in regulating mood and anxiety levels. Learn more on our website or by calling 1-800-783-4636 today.


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