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Stress Relief Routines for Clients

Stress can wreak havoc on the human body and also alter a person’s life in a negative way. Sometimes stress can be positive, pushing people and motivating them to accomplish goals but, more often than not, stress has a negative effect on people. Prolonged stress that isn’t addressed can cause health related issues to rise in clients as well as cause deeper issues in their everyday lives. Learning and teaching ways to relieve stress and stop stressful patterns from occurring in a client’s daily lives can improve their health and wellbeing tremendously.

Effects Of Stress

Healthy living is often maintained by those who can utilize their time wisely and make continuous healthy decisions. Adding stress into a client’s life can reduce their ability to make healthy choices and increase their chances of making split second decisions that may lead to ill health. As people experience an increase in stress, their body can react in many different ways. Some people experience headaches and fatigue while others may turn to overeating, alcohol or smoking to cope with stress, leading to increased risk of disease, depression, cardiovascular risk and more. Stress also has a significant effect on a person’s mood, altering their ability to stay positive and increasing negative behaviors or moods patterns.

Stress Relief Routines

Reducing stress levels can help clients feel better, improving their health and mood. There are a variety of ways clients can focus on relieving their stress. Helping your client find the right solution for their stress can increase their chances of depleting it from their lives.

  • Identifying the Cause
    • Helping your client understand where the source of their stress is coming from is the first step to taking control of their lives. Many times when a client is feeling stressed or a decrease in the mood they feel out of control or unable to identify the exact issue that is taking place. Realizing where the source of stress is coming from and then identifying ways to address the cause will help your client get started on their stress relief journey.


  • Spend Time With Yourself
    • Taking time to be truly alone and committing to an activity your client loves can make a difference in their stress. Staying in the moment and being present while focusing on something they enjoy can help them unwind and feel less tense. This also allows them time away from stressful situations slowing their stress from seeping into every area of their life.


  • Ask for Help
    • When the going gets tough clients should be directed to ask for help. Life is difficult to handle on its own with the variety of obstacles clients face on a daily basis, and it should be communicated that asking for help when they are stressed or down is the right thing to do. Reaching out to people who they have a strong relationship with, to a counselor, or creating a specific group of people who can be their main point of contact is a good place to start. Having supporters ready to go will help your clients when they need additional support.

The mood is often altered when people experience high levels of stress in their lives, and there are ways to keep people’s mood in check while learning to cope with stress. InterHealth’s ingredient Relora® has been shown through multiple clinical studies to decrease stress, reduce anxiety, and improve mood. Tell your clients about Relora®, it could be just what they need to get a head start on addressing the stress in their lives. To learn more about Relora® head to www.interhealthusa.com or call us at 1-800-783-4636.

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