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Aller-7® for Your Clients Spring Allergies

Allergy season is right around the corner, and your clients are soon to be rushing through the doors to find relief, remedies, and tricks to keep their allergies at bay. Allergy medications can be a quick fix to a long-term battle with allergies. Try sharing these tips with your patients this spring to help them elevate their allergies. Let’s take a quick look at these tips and tricks, including Aller-7®, a proprietary blend of herbal extracts that is ideal for those seeking an alternative to synthetic allergy regimens. Start Wearing Sunglasses Yes, you read that right. Wearing sunglasses can improve allergy symptoms. Wind-borne pollen and mold spores can lead to stuffy noses and itchy eyes, but by throwing on a pair of sunglasses, your clients can easily prevent a majority of pollen that will contact them. It’s also important to keep in mind allergy-irritated eyes tend to have a higher level of sensitivity to sunlight, meaning wearing sunglasses can help eyes to feel better. Recommend sunglasses that have dark lenses and bigger frames to block more wind and pollen. Remove Indoor Plants Allergies can flare up from plants in your client’s home. Although plants can make a home more enjoyable, […] Read More

Improving Patient Respiratory Health With Aller-7®

Now it is possible to improve respiratory health through an all-natural supplement called Aller-7.  This supplement contains a proprietary blend of herbal extracts that are combined to help promote healthy breathing. Aller-7 can be used year-round or seasonally to help combat commonly occurring allergens. The benefit of using Aller-7 is that the ingredients are completely natural. This means you can stop using synthetic materials to treat allergies that often come with adverse side effects. Nearly 40 million consumers are spending about $4.5 billion a year to try to find a solution to their respiratory health concerns. Many of these consumers are looking for a natural solution to their seasonal and year-round allergies, and Aller-7 has provided an answer to their problems. Clinically tested, Aller-7 has been proven to improve nasal systems and can promote better respiratory health. The proprietary blend of 7 natural herbs has the opportunity to target different ailments associated with allergies and respiratory problems. One way that Aller-7 improves respiratory health is by being able to stabilize mast cells. This is a crucial part to improved respiratory health. Mast cell stabilizers are commonly used to treat allergic conditions. These stabilizers are able to block essential calcium that […] Read More

Allergy Relief Without the Side Effects

Over 40 million Americans suffer from environmental allergies and spend almost 4.5 billion a year to find ways to combat their seasonal allergies. Aller-7® is a great alternative to synthetic allergy medication for people suffering from environmental allergies. Formulated from seven different herbs in a proprietary blend, Aller-7® has been in development for ten years. Clinically tested and proven, Aller-7® can significantly reduce the signs and symptoms of environmental allergies and can help promote an overall healthier immune and respiratory system. Herb Blends The blend of all natural ingredients is what makes Aller-7 so effective against environmental allergies. The formula can help promote better immune and respiratory health by keeping airways clear and promoting normal breathing. To keep breathing passages clear, Aller-7® contains turmeric, stinging nettle, and ginger. These naturally occurring herbs have an anti-inflammatory quality. To combat the symptoms associated with allergies, Aller-7® contains quercetin. This herb is often used in other allergy medications because it can prevent the body from making histamine and also blocks the body from releasing histamine. Furthermore, Aller-7® is packed full of natural berries. The blend of berries is an incredible antioxidant which can promote better overall health through a boosted immune system. Clinical […] Read More