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Hunger: Take Control With LOWAT®

A proprietary weight loss blend, LOWAT® is supported by recent clinical research that demonstrating its effectiveness. The supplement contains a blend of Piper betel leaf and Dolichos biflorus seed extracts, which helps control hunger sensations, and therefore can help aid weight loss. An all-natural blend, LOWAT® is not a stimulant, so it is can be taken at any time of day. With its combination of herbs to help regulate and maintain healthy blood sugar and blood lipid levels, as well as its ability to decrease the hunger sensation hormone ghrelin, LOWAT® can help you lose weight safely. What LOWAT® Is Made Of An amazing new supplement, LOWAT®, contains a 2:3 ratio of Piper betel leaves and Dolichos biflorus seed extract. This Ayurvedic herb combination has been used separately around the world for its different health benefits for many years. Both herbs play a key role in the success of LOWAT®. The Piper betel leaf extract is traditionally used to help support digestion and blood sugar levels. The Dolichos biflorus seed extract helps to support healthy blood sugar levels, while also promoting blood lipid support, urinary tract health, and antioxidant protection. Clinical Trials Furthermore, LOWAT® has shown via clinical, randomized, double-blind […] Read More

Advantages of Heart Health in Older Patients

Older patients have specific health needs, but one of the most important is heart health. Many of the issues and health conditions that cause problems for the older adult can be traced back to heart health, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. When counseling older adults, it’s important to cover all the things they can do to maintain and improve heart health. Activity is one of the major keys to having a healthy body and a healthy heart. Regular aerobic exercise promotes circulation and makes the heart stronger. Exercise can also help older adults maintain flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. An exercise program should include 30 minutes of aerobic activity 3-5 times a week, strength training of major muscle groups twice a week and balance and flexibility exercises on a daily basis. The heart is a pump, and there are several ways to help keep it healthy. One of the most important is to avoid tobacco in any form. Another is to manage blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage the heart and cause several heart issues down the road. Weight loss and regular physical activity, stress reduction and a healthy diet can all help keep blood pressure […] Read More

The Benefits of Collagen in Health Products

Collagen plays an important role in the human body. Our bodies naturally produce collagen that not only helps improve our skin and appearance but also help with performance, movement, and comfort. As people age, collagen production slows down, and the existing collagen begins to break down leading to aging signs and joint discomfort. People all around the world will age, it’s the way life is, but what if you could help them slow the signs and joint discomfort they will experience in their later years. Well, you can, with UC-II® from InterHealth. UC-II® can provide your customers with a variety of health benefits and help them slow their aging process. Adding UC-II® to your health product can be a simple process. Let’s check out a few reasons why you should add UC-II® and collagen to your health products! Reduce Aging Symptoms As we age, we tend to experience joint discomfort, mobility restrictions, wrinkles, and more. Although collagen starts to reduce in production as we age, it can be supplemented back into the body. When being added back in as bodies start to slow production, UC-II® can slow down the process by relieving joint discomfort, increasing mobility, and reducing or slowing […] Read More

Slow The Aging Process For Your Patients with Protykin® From InterHealth

The aging process can be a scary time for many patients, as it’s a time they begin to lose the things that made them unique or gave them ability to do activities that they love. Helping your patients stay as healthy as possible is important in helping them live a healthy and fulfilling life as they age. Recommending a supplement such as Protykin® from InterHealth can be a helpful step in keeping your patients aging process slow. What is Protykin? A revolutionary supplement, Protykin®, can hone in on a human gene that may be able to slow the aging process. Made of Polygonum Cuspidatum root, Protykin® contains 50% trans-resveratrol. This powerful supplement also contains strong antioxidants to promote a healthy life. Furthermore, all of the ingredients in Protykin® are uniquely sourced to ensure they are of the utmost quality. How does it work? Protykin® works two fold. First, this supplement contains trans-resveratrol which has long been known for its longevity benefits. Trans-resveratrol has been linked to stimulating the SIRT1 gene, which may contribute to longevity. Secondly, the supplement acts by imitating caloric restriction in the body. Having a reduced calorie intake has long been connected with an extended lifespan. The […] Read More

Pass Healthy Aging Benefits on to Your Customers

In the last three decades, people have been living longer (and arguably healthier) lives. Because of this, the overall quality of life for them is better than it has been in the past. This conclusion came from a study of people age 50 and older between 1991 and 2009. As compared to the past, people are better able to care for themselves later in life with the help of medicines, recovery processes, and health education. Your company is a cog in the health education machine of the world. To perpetuate this healthy aging trend and pass on more healthy aging benefits to your customers, you should continue to focus on tips like: Break Routine – Routine limits brain stimulation and body enrichment. New activities, planned events, and trying new foods can all improve health. Switch Canes for Poles – Canes and walkers may be bad for posture. A walking pole of staff helps keep the body upright and focuses on strengthening the upper body. Brain Games – As people age, a sedentary lifestyle can spread from the physical body to the mind. Watching tv or relaxing more doesn’t have to mean resting the mind. Promote brain engagement through puzzles, trivia, […] Read More