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What Does it Take to Burn Holiday Calories?

Tis the season for holiday parties and holiday treats. With all of the treats available, it can often seem impossible to stick to a healthy fitness routine. As a fitness expert, it’s important to be able to answer your client’s questions and help motivate them to make healthier decisions. One way to do that is by explaining what it takes to burn off the calories from these holiday favorites. Sugar Cookies. With over 100 calories per cookie, this holiday treat is far from an innocent treat. To help your client put this into perspective, explain to them what physical activity it takes to burn 100 calories. A few ways to burn 100 calories are moderate walking, squats, or pushups for 15 minutes. Eggnog. If we were to pick the most sneaky way that calories get into our diet, it’s in the form of liquids. And especially around the holidays, eggnog is no exception. Clocking in at over 200 per cup, a serving or two of eggnog can add up quick. Remind your client to be aware of empty calories in the form of holiday beverages. To burn off 200 calories, your client would either need to walk or go cycling […] Read More

5 Healthy Ways to Treat Your Employees During the Holidays

The holidays are here and if you haven’t already, it’s time to plan ways to treat your employees for their hard work throughout the year. It can seem a bit overwhelming as a business owner or manager, but treating your employees for work well done is important! If you’re short on ideas right now, don’t worry! Here are 5 healthy ways to treat your employees: Gym Memberships. Nothing speaks to your employees about your concern for their well-being than providing them with a gym membership. Whether you choose a large chain with multiple locations or the gym down the street from your office, take into consideration your employees’ lifestyles. Do they commute very far? Do many of them already have gym memberships, and if they do, what kind of gift will you give in place of the company membership? This treat for your employees is useful and encourages a more healthy lifestyle. Team Classes. Organizing classes for your team is a fun way to encourage growth and develop deeper communication and understanding among individuals. For this type of holiday gift to work, it’s important for you to understand your team on some level. How would they respond to fitness or […] Read More