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Rock Gyms Scale Other Fitness Trends

The gym addition of rock climbing walls came about in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, representing an exotic and unique challenge for those looking to train or simply get off of the typical machines. Indoor rock climbing was inspired by the outdoor predecessor, but with an added level of safety and a friendliness to beginners. Spotters worked for the gym and helped give pointers to those who had never tried to climb before. Handholds made routes up the wall clearer without reducing the challenge. Indoor Rock Climbing Benefits There are many benefits to indoor rock climbing which have encouraged its rising popularity among patrons and its increased presence in gyms across the country. Reduced Cost – An athlete needs only him or herself when making an indoor climb, as opposed to renting or buying expensive equipment, paying for gas to travel, or investing in park passes. Accessibility – With indoor rock climbing, one only needs to drive a handful of minutes to a local gym. Whereas, outdoor climbing requires participants to lug gear to a cliffside or mountain range that’s been deemed suitable and safe. Traditional climbers even have to hike several miles to reach a wall, rather than […] Read More