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Allergy Relief Without the Side Effects

Over 40 million Americans suffer from environmental allergies and spend almost 4.5 billion a year to find ways to combat their seasonal allergies. Aller-7® is a great alternative to synthetic allergy medication for people suffering from environmental allergies. Formulated from seven different herbs in a proprietary blend, Aller-7® has been in development for ten years. Clinically tested and proven, Aller-7® can significantly reduce the signs and symptoms of environmental allergies and can help promote an overall healthier immune and respiratory system. Herb Blends The blend of all natural ingredients is what makes Aller-7 so effective against environmental allergies. The formula can help promote better immune and respiratory health by keeping airways clear and promoting normal breathing. To keep breathing passages clear, Aller-7® contains turmeric, stinging nettle, and ginger. These naturally occurring herbs have an anti-inflammatory quality. To combat the symptoms associated with allergies, Aller-7® contains quercetin. This herb is often used in other allergy medications because it can prevent the body from making histamine and also blocks the body from releasing histamine. Furthermore, Aller-7® is packed full of natural berries. The blend of berries is an incredible antioxidant which can promote better overall health through a boosted immune system. Clinical […] Read More

Is Your Business Promoting the Best Supplements?

Are you trying to reach people who want to lose weight? How about those who want to improve their muscle tone? Or increase their muscle mass? No matter the audience that you are wanting to target, it is imperative that you are offering them the best supplements. So, the question is, how do you know if you are promoting the best supplements? Here is a quick look at the top three factors you should consider when determining whether or not you are effectively reaching your audience with supplements that appeal to them. Factor #1: Have you defined your audience? When was the last time you took a look at your marketing goals? What audience are you trying to attract? If it has been a while since you have updated your marketing plan, then it is time to do so. In order to make sure you are promoting the best supplements, you must first define the goals you want to achieve. Remember, the marketing goals you had last year may not be the same ones you need to pursue this year; this is why it is so important to refresh your marketing agenda at least once or twice a year. And […] Read More

3 Supplement Sales Trends in 2016

Coasting on the nutritional supplement market over the next five years will require focused targeting of key consumer groups and specialized supplementation. In other words, the market has slowly diverged from the catch-all health boosts and general weight loss. That’s not to say that the weight loss supplement segment has dropped, but rather that others are gaining a considerable foothold. According to the market research firm, Packaged Facts, there are four major trends to anticipate between now and 2020. Of those, the top three are: Gender-specific supplements, primarily those geared toward women. Digestive supplements and probiotics. Supplements for multicultural or specific ethnic groups. Gender-specific supplements are expanding, especially in the subcategory of pregnancy and prenatal supplements. Targeting this demographic requires an understanding of expectant mothers, where they seek reputable information, and their number one priority of baby safety. Previously, public figures have been used to sway opinions. However, more and more mothers are looking for a sincere and genuine mother-to-mother recommendation. Digestive health is another hot category, with sales up 21% in the last year. Probiotics especially have dominated as a supplement segment due to the increasing spread of information concerning man-made foods and the potential harm of gluten for […] Read More