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The Benefits of Collagen in Health Products

List of the benefits of collagen healthCollagen plays an important role in the human body. Our bodies naturally produce collagen that not only helps improve our skin and appearance but also help with performance, movement, and comfort. As people age, collagen production slows down, and the existing collagen begins to break down leading to aging signs and joint discomfort. People all around the world will age, it’s the way life is, but what if you could help them slow the signs and joint discomfort they will experience in their later years. Well, you can, with UC-II® from InterHealth.

UC-II® can provide your customers with a variety of health benefits and help them slow their aging process. Adding UC-II® to your health product can be a simple process. Let’s check out a few reasons why you should add UC-II® and collagen to your health products!

Reduce Aging Symptoms

As we age, we tend to experience joint discomfort, mobility restrictions, wrinkles, and more. Although collagen starts to reduce in production as we age, it can be supplemented back into the body. When being added back in as bodies start to slow production, UC-II® can slow down the process by relieving joint discomfort, increasing mobility, and reducing or slowing the skin’s aging process. Whether you are a doctor, trainer, or own your own health food business, recommending or adding UC-II® to your client’s diets or your company’s products can help transform the results you can provide.

Expand Your Target Market

Adding collagen to your health products can be the key to targeting new markets. No matter what your product is, having collagen in it can make you accessible to the beauty market, food market, health market, and more. Since collagen is found throughout the body, this product can truly be sold to a variety of audiences, markets, and industries. The benefits can include increased flexibility, reduced joint discomfort, and reduced swelling. Collagen has become an increasingly popular anti-aging supplement, and many people add it to their diets not only for joint health, but also for skin, hair, and nail health, as well.

An Alternative To Glucosamine

Glucosamine has been known to help support joint health and prevent aging signs but, UC-II® has been proven through extensive research to support joint health better. If taken in pill form, UC-II® is significantly smaller in size than a glucosamine pill and also needs to be taken less often. Even with a smaller pill size and less frequent consumption of the supplement, UC-II® can provide better results.

UC-ll® can easily be added to your companies health product or product line by calling us at 1-800-783-4636 or to learn more visit us online at https://www.interhealthusa.com/.

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