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The ‘Eating More’ Approach for Weight Loss Clients

Weight loss is a challenge for many people. Between workout routines and dietary changes, it can be hard for weight loss clients to stay committed in the long run. As you probably know, losing weight doesn’t have to require restrictive diets. In fact, your clients can actually eat more than they might expect, provided they choose the right foods. Here are a few ways to help your clients try the “eating more” approach to weight loss:

Cook Veggies Carefully

Perhaps your clients are eating plenty of vegetables each day, but are still struggling to lose weight. You may want to ask them how they are preparing their veggies. Cooking vegetables with lots of oil or butter can add lots of unwanted calories. By steaming their vegetables instead, your clients can potentially add more servings while still cutting calories.


Choose the Right Workout Fuel

There’s no need for your clients to work out on an empty stomach. In fact, doing so could do more harm than good. Encourage your clients to enjoy a carbohydrate-rich snack before they work out. Because our bodies burn carbs more easily than other nutrients, it can be the perfect fuel for your clients workouts.


More Volume, Fewer Calories

If your clients struggle with portion control, eating more can actually be the perfect solution. While it’s often suggested to fill a bowl with a single portion of a snack, sometimes that single serving can look small and unsatisfying. If your clients skip the calorie-dense snacks such as potato chips in favor of a lighter, but higher-volume food such as air-popped popcorn, they can enjoy more food and fewer calories.


Don’t Skip Snacks

While snacking can sometimes cause weight loss plans to falter, smart snacking can be a great way to support weight loss. Eating a few small, nutritious snacks throughout the day will help your clients feel full longer. This means that they are less likely to overdo it when they sit down for a meal.


Fill Plates Strategically

Your clients can sit down and enjoy a plate filled with food without loading up on calories, provided they dish up their meal strategically. What does this mean? When filling their plates, they should start by grabbing large quantities of healthy, filling foods like fruits or vegetables. High-calorie menu items should be added at the very end. By this point, there should be very little room for calorie-dense foods, so your client can eat as much as they want.


Not only can this approach make weight loss more enjoyable, but it can also make it easier for your clients to turn their weight loss plan into a lifelong change with lasting results. If you clients are looking for some additional support to help them start their weight loss journey, they may want to add a supplement containing Meratrim®. A patented blend of two plant extracts, Sphaeranthus indicus flower heads and mangostana fruit rind, Meratrim® was shown to significantly reduce weight, waist, and hip size. Learn more on our website or by calling 1-800-783-4636 today!

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