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Understanding the Hunger Hormone

We don’t just feel hungry when our bodies need fuel. Hunger is caused by a variety of different factors, many of which go deeper than a true need to eat. Boredom, stress, and emotions can also cause your clients to feel hungry. By now, your clients may know what events or emotions cause them to experience false feelings of hunger. However, they may not be as aware of how hormones can influence their hunger.

The Hunger Hormone

Hormones are our body’s chemical messengers, carried through the bloodstream to organs and tissues in order to regulate different bodily functions. Our hormones impact sleep, stress, and more. One specific hormone, ghrelin, plays a key role in our hunger levels. Ghrelin is released in order to let our bodies know it’s time to eat.


Mixed Signals

Generally, ghrelin is only released when we are truly hungry, but certain factors can throw this system off-balance. Diets that are full of high-fat foods can confuse our bodies. Rich in fat, calories, and salt or sugar, these foods aren’t as filling as many healthier options. As a result, your clients may end up eating larger quantities of fatty foods before the brain signals that it is full. This can lead to a difficult cycle of overeating that can be a challenge to break.


Controlling Hunger

The key to helping your clients control their hunger is to show them how to work with their body, rather than against it. One of the simplest ways for your clients to take control of their hunger is to follow a sensible diet. A diet that is rich in whole grains and protein will not only help them feel full and more-energized than a fatty diet, but it will also keep ghrelin levels in check. Another thing that can cause ghrelin levels to increase is lack of sleep, so you should also encourage your clients to get plenty of rest.


While ghrelin works to help control our hunger levels, it doesn’t have to control your clients’ lives. By understanding how their bodies function and learning how to work with these natural functions, they will be better-able to succeed in their weight loss journey.


If your clients find themselves struggling to keep their hunger in check, they may want to include a supplement containing LOWAT® in their healthy routine. LOWAT®’s unique formula of Piper betle leaf extract and Dolichos biflorus seed extract offers both weight loss and hunger hormone control, to help your clients reach their weight loss goals. To learn more about LOWAT®, visit our website or give InterHealth a call at 1-800-783-4636.

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